Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Is there any way to reduce rape and sexual abuse incidents?

Recent brutal rape case of young girl in Indian capital New Delhi has sparked huge debate and discussions in social media, parliament and news papers. People from various sections of society offered so many suggestions about how to put brake on these type of crimes, what type of punishment might help to prevent these type of incidents, how to deal with the criminals who commit such heinous crimes. Suggestions cover very wide spectrum, some say capital punishment is only right punishment for such crimes, some say hang them in public so that others won't dare to commit such crimes, some say no trial directly hang them or shoot them, some say castrate these males so that they wont be able to engage in any such acts in future even if they want to, some say women should be more careful with what they wear, where they go and how they conduct themselves, there are many suggestions like this, by just surfing the net and one can find many passionate posts which are very critical about India's law and order situation, politicians, government and blame them for this situation and crimes.

No doubt that it's government's responsibility to protect its citizens from antisocial elements and make them feel that they are safe and free to carry their day to day activities without any fear. These type of incidents definitely shake confidence of common man on government's ability to protect their interests. Unfortunately what we are seeing this time from government's sides is not very promising  they are trying to play blame game, trying to suppress protests and are not willing to take any substantial steps towards finding a solution for these type of problems, this is very sad but this is what is happening. Another issue is as a society what are we doing to protect our women and kids? How are we training our women and men to tackle these type of issues? What they think about each other? How women are projected in main stream media and movies, etc.(this projection is very important as it mainly forms image of woman among general public)? How are they treated in their families? All these are very important questions and somehow directly or indirectly related with the question that why these type of crimes happen in our society?

Rape is not only about sex, if it is only a question about sexual desire then there are so many ways to satisfy that desire legally, without harming any person or at least by using means which won't land that person in such a legal mess, then why people choose this route? Rape does involve sexual act but it's not sexual encounter where two people voluntarily surrender to each other, sex is integral part of love between adult couples but rape is pure violence. It's not only about lust or sexual desire but it's like hunting the prey, damaging or crushing other person physically and mentally, it's very brutal act and that's why it demands very strict punishment. There is no age limit for rape victims they range from young kids to old women, it can happen in homes, bedrooms, moving buses, cars, almost anywhere, it seems no place is a safe place now a days.  The people who commit rape are definitely not normal people, for sure they have some psychological issues, they are not fit to roam in society freely, they need treatment and as well as punishment.

I don't think capital punishment or hanging these rapists in public will reduce this crime, already these type of punishments are practiced in some countries and situation of women are really pathetic in most of these countries, there is a capital punishment for murder but that doesn't stop many from committing this crime. Rather this approach of capital punishment for all rapes might back fire and might increase incidents of  murder of rape victims, many rapists kill their victims in a hope that they worn't be caught because there won't be any evidence and law also can not hang a criminal twice, so I think that capital punishment may not be a very efficient way to stop this crime. Hanging rapist in public or torturing them in front of public are very gruesome and inhuman acts which any democratic country will not like to practice publicly and most probably these punishments will produce the same result as normal capital punishment. In most of sexual abuse cases the offender is male or group of males (in case of gang rape), then why not to make them incapable of committing this type crime again and keep them imprisoned, we have modern medical techniques and methods available to do this, why not to use them? It will be less gruesome and more effective punishment and there is very high possibility that this fear of loosing their so called manhood might deter others from committing this crime.

Along with this punishment social and economical independence of women is very important, they should get equal respect and fair treatment in their own families, boys and girls should be treated equally there is no other alternative to this. Girls should not be considered as soft targets for sexual abuse, we need to start sex education so young kids know what is proper and improper contact, what can be considered as sexual harassment and what is not, this type of education and training should be integral part of high school curriculum and this training should me mandatory at all work places. The solution to this problem is not so straight forward, the problem is very complicated so it should be tackled at multiple levels, we should utilize all resources which we have in our hands to tackle this issue, it might take long time but we should start working towards it as soon as possible, I think we already waited too long and should not delay any longer.

Let's start by changing our attitude towards women and lets start this change from our self, from our own families, if we can change them then only we can dream of changing the society or whole world. Government  also needs to step up, they have very important role to play in this whole process, law makers should show the courage to take necessary steps to tackle these issues. Huge protests and widespread public outcry clearly shows that people are fed up with just hollow words and fake promises they need some solid actions, they need responsible and accountable administration which can respond to their demands and understand their needs and I don't think this is too much to ask from any government in any democratic country.

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