Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why to this blog started???

Everyone in this world has something to say.  Everybody’s story is unique and interesting. I used to think that lot has been already said or written about this and related subjects, so who will listen to me if I want to tell my views, but I believe that everyone is unique in this world and should share his/her ideas, experiences and views and that’s how world will progress. We need to be open to new views and ideas even if sometimes they sound strange. I saw many people don’t even think about these issues or follow whatever told to them blindly. Even after progressing so much in technological areas and in science we still have very primitive understanding about religion and its role in today’s world. We need more and more people express their views so that we can have healthy debate on ideas and opinions. People will understand that basically all religions teach same thing and if the central idea or ultimate teaching is same then what’s the big deal? All religious books even though they are great guiding texts have limited significance in today’s world. I am not saying to dump them but use them as reference books not as commandments. We are much better civilized society today than thousands of year ago when these books were written; we need to become more tolerant towards each other. Basically we humans generally express only two emotions love and fear; all our actions can be summarized under these two emotions. We need to bring more love in our life so that it can drive fear away from our lives, it’s not that difficult task and good thing about it is that it’s in our hand. So let’s share our views, experiences, opinions and we all can learn something from each other.

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