Wednesday, June 15, 2016

If you don't love it, then please leave it.

Actually, I never thought that I will ever write a blog post with a title like this, I am saying this because I am nobody to tell anyone to leave any place except my private property. No doubt that this line is a very catchy phrase and this is one of the reasons why I am using this as the title of this blog post. The intention behind using this title is not to hurt anyone's feelings or to warn anyone or to threaten anyone, but just to express my feelings about some incidents happened or happening around me both here is US and India. Specially in US, I see some people (including many who are citizens of this country) constantly criticizing USA, they also criticize the culture of this land and I always wonder why they have so much problem with this country and its people? I am specifically talking about US as this is the only country apart from India, where I spent significant part of my life. I am sure such things happen in many other places, but I can only talk about US or India. Another reason to select US for this topic is that it is a very immigrant friendly country and many people come here willingly in search of better opportunities, so the situation here is totally different than situation in India. I noticed that many people blindly criticize the culture of this land without even bothering to understand it, they just go by perception created by some biased reporting of media or some hearsay gossips or worst some imaginary misconceptions and base their ill informed opinion about many things associated with this country. I can understand that people living outside the USA might have some wrong perceptions about it as they don't get the chance to interact with people here or get to experience what is it like to live life in the USA, but I am always amazed when people who get benefited by their presence in this country spew hatred about it. Here my intention is not to say that the USA is an ideal country, free from any drawbacks or problems. Like any other country of this world, it has its own strengths as well as weaknesses, it has its own social and political issues. This is not the perfect place and I don't think any such perfect place even exists anywhere in this world, but definitely this country is one of the best in the world.

I am a supporter of complete freedom of expression (except the threat of violence), so in that sense, everyone has total right to say what they want about any person or country as long as they are not threatening to incite any violence. I also understand that criticism is necessary and should be encouraged, but there is a huge difference between criticism and hatred. I don't object to any criticism, rather I feel that it helps to improve things if taken in a positive way, but when people spew venom blindly criticizing something without any rational or logic I feel pity on them. Initially I used to get angry or used to think if they are so unhappy with this place and so dislike it, then why can't they leave it, after all US is not forcing them to stay here. In today's world immigration is not as difficult as it was a few decades ago, one can easily get a visa or even permanent residency of many countries and emigrate there.  But many of these people stay here or even migrate here from many countries from all around the world for better living, they enjoy far better and superior quality of life here and still hate this place, maybe this is the best explanation I can offer why I chose this title for this blog post. Today we all have many choices as far as a city we want to live or country we want to live are concerned, many of us are even capable of going anywhere in the world and make a decent living. Wherever we go to make living in this world, there will be some advantages as well as some problems, we should be able to make use of those advantages for our good and honestly try to fix whatever problems exist so that that place also gets benefited by our presence.

If anyone is so unhappy about any place that they can't tolerate its culture or people living there, then it is best for them as well as that place to get separated from each other. They should try to choose a different place which matches with their way of thinking and whose culture they like, it is as simple as that. Criticize all you want, offer as many alternative solutions or ideas as you want, participate any political debates and discussions, challenge whatever is wrong and try to make it right, raise your voice against any injustice, any liberal and free society will encourage any such behavior and feedback, but please don't abuse any country while getting benefited by its kindness and resources. If you don't love it, then leave it alone, please don't abuse it or hurt it. This is true for any relationship, including our relationship with a country or city of our residence. Please don't be so ungrateful that someone has to say something like the title of this blog to you, believe me this is not going to be a pleasant experience for you as well as the person who says this, that's all I have to say.

Thanks for reading and please share your views on this topic.

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