Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Why there is a need for special days like Mother's day in today's world?

Recently Mother's day was celebrated in US and surprisingly also in India (at least on Facebook). There was no such concept of any day when I was growing up as a kid in India. But now this tradition is spreading fast all over the world. Many of these days are quite commercialized events, many businesses and local shops depend on these days for bumper business. There is nothing wrong in celebrating any of these days according to me, rather I believe that these days are becoming so popular because there is a genuine need and demand for them in today's market. Very hectic, busy and stressful lifestyle in today's world leave very little time for many people to spend with their loved ones, somewhere they feel guilty for not able to do justice to their various relationships. So I think for these people these days provide an opportunity to make up for lost time and also give them a chance to acknowledge the presence and importance of that particular person in their lives. Most people's day to day life is getting incredibly busy, they are constantly connected with something on internet all the time, then there is TV, work, etc. Many times some relationships get lost among all business, specially if they live apart from those people, so these days are like opportunity to pause and recognize contribution of some of these people in our lives, this is positive side of these events. But there is negative side also, many these days are heavily commercialized, so heavily that chances are there that if people find that you don't celebrate them they might consider you as a heartless or emotionless person!

Personally I don't celebrate any of these days (Father's or Mothers' or Valentine's, etc.) not because I don't like them or I hate them or I don't believe in them but I don't feel the need to celebrate them. So far I always tried to give enough time to all my friends and relatives whenever they are around me. For last decade or so I am staying away from my parents, for the fist time I left my house was to come to US so one can imagine how hard it would have been for both of us, me and my parents. Like everyone else I also think that I have a very special relationship with my parents, it has definitely evolved over time. If they are in Pune (my birth city in India, where my family resides) we talk on every weekend at least for couple of hours. For me all those weekends are like father's and mother's day combine (lets call it as parent's day). I celebrate parent's day with them every time I talk with them, we talk about various issues, incidents from past, we even gossip about various things. Occasionally there are some heated discussions also but I think that's the part of any relationship. So because of all this so far I never felt any need to wait for some special day to express my feelings towards anyone, specially for parents. I try to do it on regular basis, but I do understand the need of people to have special occasions to celebrate each and every relationship in grand way. This is a need created by super intelligent market in people'es mind. I love to see the way marketing tricks work on people's minds (including my own). It is interesting to see how a market captures certain idea or emotion and then develops some product or event around it and then using very sophisticated and intelligent campaign creates a feeling of genuine need of that product or event. It is amazing to see how this all works and how they use various human emotions to target their customers. If we can ignore the heavy commercialization angle of many of these marked special days then we have to acknowledge that these days do mean something special for many people and we need to respect that. Yes, motherhood and mother's love needs to be celebrated, so is father's love, so are friendships, so is love and presence of your grandparents, so is your partner's love and dedication. All these relationships are important and should be celebrated so if these days give this opportunity so there is nothing wrong in it, just grab it and do your best to express your feelings in whatever way you can. But let's also be genuine in our expressions, now a days people focus so much on dramatization that it looks and sounds really fake, too much obligation to express love and commitment is also a indication of brittle relationships. I have seen very strong and committed relationships between two people where they don't even feel need to express their love or commitment. In the end having the genuine feelings is important, how we express it is not that important. We don't have to subscribe to the ways which commercials related with these events recommend, we all can have our own ways to express our love and respect. Let's celebrate each and every movement in whatever way we like, let's spread more love and in return get even more love.

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