Friday, February 27, 2015

Murders of free thinkers...

When I read horrible news about murder of blogger Avijit Roy by few Islamic fanatics in Bangladesh I was really shocked. Avijit was a writer, a blogger on what subjects he used to write or whether he was anti-Islamic or not is really immaterial, the point here is he was killed for expressing his thoughts. This is another example of religious intolerance shown by fanatic groups. The problem is such groups are present everywhere, they are part of every religion, culture and country. Some places they are more aggressive and active because of political and social environment of that place and in some places they are dormant as they don't have much support from the establishment and people, but the truth is that they are present everywhere. 

Internet has given very reliable and open forum for many people like me to express their thoughts fearlessly. Avijit was one of many bloggers who use this forum every day to express their ideas and thoughts which otherwise are difficult to express in many countries and communities. One can very much disagree with these thoughts or argue against it but to physically harm the person is a extreme step which should be condemned by everyone and it should be punished by law. Such acts should not go unpunished otherwise we will see many Avijits getting killed on regular basis. Asking question is a basic right of any human in any civilized society, a society which doesn't encourage open and unrestricted questioning is not completely civilized according to me. We humans have differentiated our self from other animals of this planet not only because of our ability to imagine but also our ability to question things. Our ability to question is one of the major reason for our continuous progress in every area. But this ability to question everything has come under attack many times, even today we suffer from intolerance of disagreement. Religious intolerance is one of the major factor which results in such intolerant acts and all these murders are result of such intolerance.

Recent murder of veteran communist leader Mr. Govind Pansare was another example of such intolerant attitude of some groups towards people who dare to speak against fanatics of any community or religion. It will be terribly wrong to assume that such fanatics are part of only some selected religions or groups as I said they are part of every culture and community. It is very difficult for many to understand that there are some people who don't subscribe to any particular ideology, some people like me like (or dare) to question everything, we dare to take a stand and be very assertive about it without being aggressive, we believe in freedom of expression, so what is wrong in it? Why such people are targeted in every forum and in every meeting? Actually I don't mind intellectual attacks or questions, debates or discussions but such physical threats and hostile environment doesn't make things easy for many of us. It is not easy for everyone to be fearless and express their thoughts when there is a danger of loosing your life because of it. Very few are brave enough not to care about such threats and I really salute their courage and conviction. Whether it is people like Dr. Dabholkar or Mr. Pansare or Mr. Roy or someone else, they all died while fighting for what they believed was right. They didn't hurt anyone and were fighting their battle by using peaceful methods but people who don't believe in peace or dialogue or tolerance. These cowards didn't like strength of people like Dr. Dabholkar. These groups where scared of power and conviction of these people and that's why they physically attacked and killed them. As they could not fight their ideas they took shelter of cowardice act of murder to eliminate such brave people.

Such cowardice acts are blot on humanity no matter where they happen. Someone getting killed just for expressing their thoughts shows primitive level of thinking of that society. These things need to stop, we can not keep on saying every time that it is easy to kill person but not easy to kill their thoughts. Such groups or people are scared to hear the truth, they just don't want to tolerate any difference of opinion that is why they engage in such cowardice acts. But getting bullied by them is not an option. We all need to stand united against such barbaric acts then only such groups will be forced to abandon such ways. Only way to fight them is to keep on expressing our thoughts fearlessly on every forum. We have to stand united against such barbarism to eliminate it from our society.

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