Friday, May 30, 2014

Mr. Kejriwal and his so called dramas...

AAP leader Mr. Aravind Kejriwals' arrest for refusing to pay bail money was in news for last few days. Among all news related with Mr. Modi's swearing in ceremony this was the only news which managed to get attention in electronic media, they even ignored killing of couple of soldiers or some rail accident but only focused on these things, but that is media, after all it is a business and they show what people want to read. Kejriwal's arrest because of his refusal to pay bail bond money was called as another drama from his side to attract media attention and cheap publicity. This was not the first time his actions were termed as drama, his decision to reject big bungalow which normally chief ministers occupy was called a drama, so was his dharna on the road to demand suspension of few police officers. Even driving his own vehicle to office or his simple dress (normally politicians in India go for all white or some traditional attire) was considered as a drama or an attempt to attract media attention. Most of his actions which defied so called normal behavior pattern of conventional politician in India were called drama not only by his detractors but also by media. Why Mr. Kejriwal's actions are labeled as drama? Why anything which deviates from conventional norm is labeled as drama by people who like to follow conventional line of thinking? These are very interesting questions and as usual Mr. Kejriwal have given us another opportunity to discuss another interesting issue here.

Actually I have some personal connection with this issue that is the main reason I decided to write this post. There was a time in my life when I absolutely hated to wear suite or any fancy dress (no matter what was the occasion). I still don't like much to wear them but back then I was totally against some of these things (like going on Honeymoon after marriage, celebrating birthdays, etc.). Any time I opposed any of these ideas, it was called a drama. That too when I was opposed to dressing up or celebrating the occasion, etc. People who were dressed up like movie stars or TV serial actors were called normal and a person who refused to do that because he really didn't like to dress like that was accused of doing a drama. The real problem is that many people can't believe that some individuals don't like to follow the conventional norms or stereotypes just for the sake of being accepted by society. Many find it difficult to believe that some people can break the conventional norm and can behave differently. It is also ironical that when everyone is wearing flashy, expensive, designer and fancy stuff, a person with simple clothes is called a dramebaaz.

This mainly happens because people think that if this person (for example me) can afford to buy these things but still refuses to do so, then he/she is must be a dramebaaz. Poor people who don't have capacity to follow some of these conventional protocols are not accused in this way but if you can afford and still don't follow the norm then you are dramebaaz. If you can afford then buy a fancy, expensive, branded car; if you don't do it and are still drive your old, used or rusted car then you are a dramebaaz. If you can afford designer suites, expensive jewellery, etc. then you should buy them and wear them but if you go to party or function with very simple or regular clothes then you are a dramebaaz, this list can go on but I think readers must have got the point which I want to stress here. And this doesn't at all mean that people who wear expensive clothes, like designed stuff or fancy cars are doing something wrong or should feel bad about it. They have total right to buy and use things which they like. It is their right to choose what they want to wear or what they want to do with their money and their life. I really appreciate their sense of fashion and their ability to manage all these things but some people like me just don't have any interest in these things or one can also say that we believe in some different lifestyle.

Our society needs to accept that some of us believe in totally different set of rules and want to live our life by those rules. If those rules are not illegal or harmful to anyone then how can this be a problem for anyone? How can it be a called a drama? If Mr. Kejriwal wants to live his life by his own beliefs, he wants to stand up for what he believes is right and is willing to face consequences for his actions, why is it called a drama? He is willing to face consequences of his actions is very important, he should not expect any special treatment. As he is a public figure one can surely debate if his actions are right or wrong but to call it a drama is trivializing his beliefs and values out of sheer ignorance. This also shows a mindset where people expect everyone to fit in same mold and behave as per society's norms.We just need to learn that there are certain people who travel totally different path and we must learn to respect their choice.

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