Sunday, April 13, 2014

This is blatant and shameless display of male chauvinism...

It seems there is some sort of competition among some Indian political leaders about who makes more derogatory comments about sexual violence against women. This blatant display of male chauvinism is sickening and disgusting but this is not a new or recent phenomena. Apart from Samajwadi Party leaders like Mr. Mulayam Singh, who said that young boys do these type of mistakes (rapes) in youth rage and should not be punished very harshly for this or Mr. Abu Azmi, who said that women who have sex outside marriage should be punished. There are some who are suggesting that Mr. Modi's wife must be happy that finally he accepted her publicly. These are not some isolated incidents, there are many people across the party lines who share similar views. And please remember that these leaders are not some new entrants in politics they are experienced and seasoned politicians who very well know meaning of these statements and also know political benefits associated with them. Such statements not only reflect male chauvinist nature of society but also show pathetic attempt to trivialize of such incidents.  

Rape is a heinous crime, it brutally hurts the victim not only physically but also emotionally, it leaves permanent scar on their mind, there cannot be any doubt about seriousness of this crime. Only insane or insensitive people can trivialize it. Offenders who commit this crime must be given harsh punishment by law, at the same time awareness should be spread among youths which can help to minimize these incidents. Strong and effective law along with aggressive awareness campaign is the only way to tackle these type of problems. These politicians are not helping the cause at all by making these type of statements. Actually they all can go to any extent to gain political benefit, they can justify riots, rapes or any other heinous crimes, there are examples of these from very recent past. 

What prompts these people to make these type of statements? Why people allow such politicians to win the elections even after making such ridiculous statements? The reason is believe or not there is large section of society which still believes in these type for things, they still believe in male superiority and support male chauvinism. These people don't come from some backward areas or belong to uneducated class but there are highly educated folks also who believe in all this. These are people who cite examples from mythology or from history to justify Mr. Modi's action of leaving his home which resulted in abandoning his wife. No matter for what purpose Mr. Modi left his house and what he achieved I wonder how people can justify his action of abandoning his wife and not bothering about her for so many years. I also feel dismay over these people now telling that woman that she should feel honored and lucky that person of Modi's stature finally accepted officially her as his wife. No doubt whatever happens between husband and wife is their personal matter but when anyone is running for public office then their all past and present actions can be scrutinized by media and public, it's very common practice all over the world. Any such act by prominent public figure can send a wrong signal to people. Same people who get influenced by such actions then try to justify rape as some trivial mistake committed in youth rage. These people might even expect victim to pardon the offender if for whatever reason he offers to marry the victim after brutal rape and might even expect her to feel lucky that the guy is doing this huge favor to her. 

This type of mindset is not only disgusting but also very dangerous, it not only tries to trivialize the crime but also encourages it. If people cannot stop these incidents at least they can try it not to encourage them directly or indirectly. There is no doubt that sometimes some of these laws are misused to settle some personal scores or for some selfish gains, this should not be encouraged and all such cases should be dealt with equal seriousness and sincerity. Sometimes people misuse certain laws but that does not diminish the need to have strict laws, we just need a more efficient, sensitive and transparent system to deal with such cases so that these laws are effectively implemented. Women's issues are important in any society but they are more important in societies where male chauvinism is so predominant. If people like us don't oppose such actions then these people won't stop from making such statements, supporting such actions and demeaning women. Women need all the support and help to deal with these problems. No doubt that women  need to empower themselves to fight this battle on their own but the support from all sections of society is equally important and crucial. We all can help to deal with these type of problems at least by strongly raising our objection to such statements and questioning such actions. These politicians also should not get away easily after making such mistakes or statements, at least people won't get a wrong message and get misguided. Display of male chauvinism is always shameless but now it's becoming so blatant and widespread that we cannot ignore it, rather we cannot afford to ignore it.

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  1. Very good and comprehensive analysis. I completely agree with you.

  2. MCPs.....since agee and call themselves educated and progressive! What a farce!

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  4. I sometimes feel there should be a different and stricter law for all these so-called public figures. Owing to their public office and authority such figures need to be considered per se as more responsible citizens or at least need to show a greater sense of responsibility and ownership towards the public at large. They have tremendous power and influence over people and such pathetic comments shall only result in a giving rise to a perverted society believing in false ideals of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity.

    1. I think laws can be same but there should be strict scrutiny of their behavior, after all they all get special treatment, privileges and benefits because of the office they occupy and positions they hold. Political leadership brings lot of benefits along with lot of responsibility also, they just cannot be selective towards perks but reject all responsibility, they need to made accountable for their behavior and statements. Once this happens then they will think twice before saying anything like this because then they know that there will be some serious bad effect on their career if they mess up the things, right now that thing is missing.