Wednesday, March 5, 2014

On the occasion of second anniversary of the blog..

Today is second anniversary of this blog. Two years have passed since I started this amazing journey. I enjoyed every bit of it and I hope all readers also had a similar experience. I started writing this blog to share and express my views about various issues which affect our daily personal and social life. In continuing pursuit in the second year, I tried to share my opinion about various topics which are of my interest; women empowerment, discrimination, sexual abuse, politics and religion. All these topics are linked with many socially relevant issues, many problems which we face today are directly or indirectly linked with at least one if these. All these areas affect everyone's life either directly or indirectly, therefore we need to be aware of several issues related with these topics. We need to educate ourselves with various aspects of these topics and that is why I discuss them on blog. Only through discussion we can solve problems which our society is facing today. This blog has also taught me many things; one of them is I now appreciate and enjoy good articles and books even more, because I know personally how difficult it is to express your thoughts in a way which people can connect to it. I variety of books on various subjects. I read articles, listen to many talks, discussions, debates. I enjoy reading, it's my hobby since I was a teenager. Amongst all things around me I can vouch that this hobby has resulted in tremendous changes in my personality and thinking. This blog also taught me the importance of expressing my own thoughts and concerns and sharing them with others. It also taught me importance of debates and how to deal with hostile commentators who can go to any extent to criticize you just because you don't agree to their point of view.

Topics like women empowerment, discrimination in name of gender, religion, race, caste, sexual orientation or any other thing, malpractices of organized religion or cult movements and politics were some of the subjects which were mainly discussed on the blog during last year. Politics was new entrant last year as I feel it is very important subject. Political parties which come in power affect our lives directly or indirectly, that's why I chose to discuss some political topics last year and will try to continue to do this in future too. I also tried to update blog very regularly by posting at least six to eight posts every month not as a rule but to keep steady flow so that readers have something to read, interesting and thought provoking every time they visit the blog. The journey for me has been eventful in its own way. There were some intense arguments about some topics, some heated debates too, but they all taught me something, they all taught me how difficult the struggle to bring any change is and how difficult it is to change age old system or beliefs. The battle against the system whose ill effects have become traditions and many people are so used to them that they endorse it in name of tradition. It is not going to be easy to change these things in a short time. It is very tough to challenge these so called traditions or even superstitions. One is always going to get abused or criticized from some section of society for doing this. Any activist or reformer who tries to do so goes through this phase. Knowingly I expected many of these comments. I am not trying to claim here that I am any activist or reformer. I am just a simple person trying to do his bit to make our society a better place, but it was definitely very interesting to see to what extent some brainwashed people can go to, in order to defend what they think is right.

The blog will continue as always. I want to sincerely thank all readers for their time and specially to all those, who took efforts to share their opinions and concerns with their comments. Your comments are very important and they contributed something to my knowledge, thanks again for that. I also received lot of encouragement from many readers whom I also want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for their kind words. Sharing and discussing each other's ideas is very important aspect of liberal, civilized and progressive society. Tolerance towards each other's views and ability to discuss any disagreements in civilized manner is very important and this blog is a small effort towards that direction, I welcome all disagreement and criticism, these things help me to to grow and perform better, so please keep reading and sharing your views. Together we can make this world a better place for all.

Thanks for reading.

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* Thanks to Mr. Chandrashekhar Vairale for suggesting corrections.


  1. hi vinay, good post overall. 2 yrs nice different topix. cool blog. nice thinking and good analysis of subjects. from ur blog i realise how difficult it is to get ppl think "properly". and there are so many thousands are crores of people with such twisted minds. continue and u have our support.
    - rohan kulkarni

    1. Thanks a lot Rohan for your kind words, encouragement from people like you keeps me motivated, we all have tough task of spreading awareness and kindness in this world wherever we go, I am sure that together we can achieve success. Thanks again and keep on expressing your concerns whenever and wherever you anything wrong happening.

  2. I sincerely thank Mr. Chandrashekhar Vairale (Chandu uncle) for suggesting corrections for this post, I incorporated most of them and now post looks much better than before. My sincere thanks to him.