Saturday, November 28, 2015

Paris attacks: are we going to learn any lessons?

I watched with dismay and utter shock news about brutal attack on Paris by terrorists. I am not going to bother by mentioning the names of organizations or terrorists who carried these attacks according to me they don't deserve that mention. I don't even call them inhuman because only humans are capable of doing something as gruesome like this animal generally don't kill for no reason but humans do it on regular basis. These violent groups only know how to kill people and spread violence, this is their only motive, they take shelter of some religion or ideology but their ultimate goal is to spread hatred and violence. It is true that concept of religion has some inherent weaknesses which makes it a very easy and attractive tool for fanatics. They try to use it to spread fanaticism, it is very easy to incite people to do violent things using religious emotions, we are witnessing it prominently in name of Islam today and have seen it happening with many other religions in past. But what is the solution? Why so many people get attracted to such fanatic groups who just want to spread hatred and violence? Why people are willing to kill innocents just because they follow some different faith, or belong to some other group or eat some different food or worship some different god or dare to break some age old social or religious norms? Why they do this?

Actually I this question comes to my mind every time I read news about some terrorist attack or some mob violence or some communal riot or other violent incidents where someone is attacked without any fault. I also wonder what is the ultimate aim of all this violence? To spread terror? Definitely this has to be their major goal, because for sure they are not spreading any religion or delivering any so called divine message from any book by killing innocents, but to some extent they are successful in spreading terror temporarily. But this also doesn't last long, we humans have capacity to overcome our fears and accept the challenge and there are ample examples from recent past where we did it. New York and US stood firm and strong after devastating 9/11 attacks, Mumbai and India didn't budge after terrorists attacked innocents in Mumbai and I am sure Paris will also come back to normal very soon. But still one can not ignore loss of precious lives of innocents during all these attacks and I am including attacks on innocents during military operations carried out as response to these terrorist attacks also in this. Loss of every innocent life is condemnable and we should regret about it. We can not be selective in our outrage otherwise we will look total hypocrite who care more about some people more than others. Is there any solution to end this violence? Who is funding all these terrorists? From where they get all these sophisticated deadly weapons and vast amount of money? How come arms and weapon industry is so powerful that no country or government can stop sale of these weapons to such dangerous terrorist outfits? How come so powerful countries also fail to control these terrorist groups? Why these superpowers create or support one terrorist group to fight another terrorist organization even after knowing that former will replace the later in coming future and create same problem? How long they are going to play this game of good terrorist organization and bad terrorist organization? We can go on asking so many questions like these but I don't think any government or agency will bother to answer any of these questions. Some of us might offer very logical sounding explanations blaming some country or religion depending on where we live and which religion we belong. But all this blame game and ugly drama of politics, religion and money is going on for decades without any result. The end result is innocents are murdered every now and then either on planes, in music concerts, in restaurants, on roads, on trains stations or in their homes. I don't think we common people can do much about it. Religion, politics, business, etc. are too big and powerful entities which are controlling entire humanity for ages and all these violent incidents are byproducts of something going wrong with one or more than one of these entities.

Terrorism is a tool used by various organizations to take control of human civilizations, it is relatively easy method which people believe produces instant results. This is why many fanatic groups are prone to use it as a means to achieve their aims. Sadly every religion or group or sympathizers of their own group try to justify all atrocities or mistakes committed by that group and we see this trend everywhere. No one is willing to admit their own mistakes but at the same time they never fail to point out other's mistakes. I don't know if we are going to learn any lessons from all these incidents, I don't think anyone is in mood of reflecting on what might have gone wrong. Whole emphasis is on taking revenge and beefing up security but we all know that this is not a permanent solution. Security and defense are very important things, there is no doubt about that but at the same time talks and negotiations to bring peace in conflict affected regions is also necessary. After each and every tragic incident like this I always remember this line, "an eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind". I guess we all know this quote but very few of us understand the real meaning behind it and until we all understand this we can only hope that something doesn't hit our own eye.

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