Friday, October 2, 2015

Murdered for eating beef, this is where polarization leads.

It is really ironical that I am writing this post which is related with mob violence on the day of birth anniversary of two most peace loving leaders from India M K Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri, I was deeply shocked and disturbed to read the news of mob lynching of a man because of suspicion that his family consumed and stored beef in their home. This incident happened in a village called Dadri in Uttar Pradesh. I wonder how come many people in India don't find this news deeply disturbing, I still remember the protests and public outrage when delhi gang rape and brutal murder happened, this incident is very similar to that. A person's house was attacked by mob, they beat him and his son brutally, the man succumbs to injuries and son is recovering in hospital. The reason for all this? It seems people who did this had doubt that this person ate and stored beef in his home, and even if he did who are these people to punish him like this?

Who is to blame for all this? That mob which became violent for such trivial reason? Few people who actually attacked and killed that man? Politics of polarization which most political parties of India are playing for decades which has resulted in such divisive atmosphere? Administration and law and order which fails to investigate such incidents and punish the culprits in timely manure? Bystander's attitude of people who prefer to watch such things in silence rather than raising voice against it? or all of this? One can keep on playing the blame game but the the truth is that one human lost his life for no reason. If only few people were involved in attacking of that family as many villagers claim it then how come a mob of almost thousand people couldn't stop these few people from doing it? If most of the mob was non-violent then why they allowed such brutal violence to happen in front of them?

Such mob violence or riots are equally heinous acts like terrorism. Terrorists also kill innocent people and rioters also do the same thing but if we look at the history of India we can find that rarely people responsible for riots get caught and punished. Very often riot or mob violence cases result in very shabby investigations and very poor rate of conviction. This happens mainly because of heavy political interest and capital involved in such incidents. It is very clear that many political parties reap heavy political benefits even from such tragic incidents, but I am surprised that how long people want to go on with such nonsense? I wrote a post that meat ban or beef ban in India is not at all about meat, it has some deeper meaning than claim of saving or worshiping those animals. It was specifically designed to create polarization in society. Muslim community is not the only community in India who consumes beef, rather many Muslims don't eat it as beef is not easily available in India but still somehow they are targeted every time for eating beef because of some heavy propaganda by certain right wing organizations. These organizations are only interested in created deep rift between two communities, they don't care if this results in some riot or murder, they just want to spread hatred. They want to create a uniform society where everyone follows same religion, diet, dress code and thought process. Any deviation from this is a problem, if you dare to object or question then it doesn't matter who you are, you will be targeted and silenced if necessary. Such mentality was there in past also but it seems these people are getting more powerful day by day and others keeping silent is serving their purpose. Disturbing silence from the top leadership of India is puzzling, in US president's at least share their thoughts on the wake of any such tragedy but in India I think any such expectation is like liking in fools paradise, it seems this is specially true with current government. Based on history I know that nothing much will come out of any investigation of this incident, government will give some monetary compensation, there will be communal politics played over this death and then everyone will go back to their usual business until next death or riot. This is somewhat becoming like routing, just like mass gun killings in USA. I hope people dare to look beyond politics on this issue and really try to find some viable solutions. After all we humans create these problems so we should definitely be able to find solutions if we want. I am deeply hurt and ashamed by this incident and hope there is some lesson for everyone to learn from this incident. If not then we all are going to suffer, remember intolerance can affect each and everyone of us who love their freedom it is just matter of time, so fight to protect freedom of others if you want to be free.

Thanks for reading and please share your views on this topic.

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  1. Your support for Muslims in the last paragraph is no suprise. Yeah like of poor poor muslims cant find any beef so lets feel sorry for them.
    Another Hindus bashing blog.
    [[Muslim community is not the only community in India who consumes beef, rather many Muslims don't eat it as beef is not easily available in India but still somehow they are targeted every time for eating beef because of some heavy propaganda by certain right wing organizations. ]]

    The killing of anyone over anythign is not acceptable.

    This one killing of Muslim has become an International outcry by the media and do gooder bloggers like you who blatantly ignore the death, rapes of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    1. I guess no matter what is written, you read what you want to read. This blog post is in no way support of Muslims or any other community. The post is specifically about the killing of a person by mob for trivial reason, according to me the reason is heavy polarization of society by some political ideologies and fringe elements. These people reap immense benefit by dividing people. I don't live in Bangladesh or Pakistan so if you know about those countries and are familiar about those issues please go ahead and write about them, I am sure people would like to know about those things. I write about things about which I know, so please don't come here to judge people, this is not the place to do that, share your views and respect others also. Thanks.

  2. Its good to know your admission to having blinkers that filters hate towards Hindus. Point proven.

    1. Do you know about your blinkers?? May be you are only interested in pointing out fingers at others, but don't worry comment like yours are not new or unusual for any person like me to get. SO I wish you well and hope that soon you will learn first to look at others without any blinkers and then think about issues also without any strong bias.