Friday, October 16, 2015

Instead of anti-abortion protests fund some path breaking research ideas.

I see few people outside of Planned Parenthood centers on weekends and also on some days during weekdays protesting against abortion. They carry some posters and banners with pictures of babies or human fetus, most of the posters try to claim that life of every baby is important. I don''t think there is anyone who can disagree with this particular statement. Most people love babies, most of the world thinks that every born individual should get to live in peaceful and civilized world that is why we care about our environment or society so much, one of our aims behind all these efforts is that we want to give better society for our future generations. As a animal species we are radically different than all other animals on this planet and we are on continuous quest for improvement on many fronts. So no one disagrees with all baby's lives being important, but the main point of disagreement is not babies or their lives after they are born but 'the abortion'. It is a ultra sensitive political and social issue in American politics, it is so polarizing that there are  very extreme opinions about this. According to me it is utterly stupid to call someone pro-abortion or anti-abortion, after all it is a personal decision of that particular female (or couple) whether they want to have a child or not. Who am I or anyone to support or oppose their right to decide about their own parenthood? After all that female has to bear the pain of child birth and once someone becomes parents then they need to take care of their born child. Some people want to take that responsibility and some don't, some are just not yet ready for this, so it is their personal decision. Fertilization is a simple biological phenomena, as I wrote before there is no divinity or any external power involved in this process. Sperm meets an egg and embryo is formed, we know this process, it happens with other animals also, we study about this in biology class. So the entire opposition is to the process of 'abortion' where concerned person decides to terminate the pregnancy for variety of reasons. There can be so many reasons starting from some personal reasons or some health issues or pregnancy because of sexual abuse or even some economical reasons, it really depends on case to case why someone takes this step. We are really struggling on social and political level to find any acceptable solution for this problem. Some groups are dead against abortions, some support with some conditions and some consider it as women's right to chose what they want to do. There are some valid points with every side but unfortunately there is no common ground on which all parties seem to agree.

Actually according to me there is a strong possibility that science can help to resolve this complex issue. Specially it might help these pro-life people to solve their difficulty of worrying about every embryo formed. If the concern for every embryo is so important then they should aggressively fund research to develop technique which can make possible to carry out entire pregnancy and child birth outside human body. So in this technique once embryo is formed it can be taken out of body and processed as body does normally to develop it into a baby. This will eliminate most of the troubles or inconveniences associated with pregnancies and these pro-life people can take care of all these babies and everyone is happy. People who don't want can get rid of unwanted pregnancies and people who are so concerned about those embryos can take care of them, both sides get what they want. This research will definitely put an end to need for abortion. It will also avoid other troubles like going through trouble of pregnancy followed by child birth and then putting that child up for adoption, these new centers can take the fertilized egg and develop it into a baby and give it to pro-life groups to take care of them. Even this can be beneficial for other parents who want to have their won biological child but don't want to go through hassle of pregnancy and stuff related with it. This idea might sound like science fiction but I am sure this is achievable. Everyday new frontiers are conquered in scientific world and I am sure with proper funding and backing this also can be achieved. This has potential of solving a major social and political issue, once we solve this issue then we can focus on many other important issues which require our attention like education, poverty, economy, etc. So I am sure this suggestion will find some takers at least from pro-life section, after all this is about saving those embryos for which they are tirelessly protesting for so many years. I am not joking or being sarcastic here, I really thought about how to resolve this issue so that law makers of this great country don't waste time in debating about this personal health issue of women. Also I am not at all against these protests, I completely support their right to express their disagreement. I absolutely have no issues about their protests or any other protest as long as it is peaceful. I am just interested in finding some permanent solution for this long standing problem. Out of body pregnancy and child birth is bound to become reality sooner or later, so why not to consider this possibility now itself which can help us to resolve one very sensitive issue. This idea seems to have potential to solve this problem, I am sure some people might have other ideas also which I hope they share openly. Efforts of all of us might help to eliminate rift between these so called pro-life and pro-choice groups.

Thanks for reading and please share your views on this topic.

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