Saturday, August 29, 2015

Population growth- a glaring problem which India needs to tackle on priority basis.

India's recent census data which is released very recently, reveals continuous growth of its population. The trend which was observed in all previous census data is continued in this one also. With only 2.4% of world's surface area, India accounts for around 17.5% of its population. Obviously this puts enormous strain on available natural resources and infrastructure of the country. The only relief from this data is that population growth rate among both dominant religions of India (Hindu and Muslim) seems to be reducing compared to past which is a very good sign. Actually it is wrong to look at the population data from perspective of any religion but anyone knowing about India and its politics understands that whenever this data is released it is heavily used by many political parties to reap political benefits, to create communal divide by polarizing opinions. Religion definitely plays some role in deciding family structure and social behavior of people but it will be utterly wrong and stupid to account growth or lack of growth of particular section of society only to their religion. Many news paper headlines also report this data in form of Hindu growth or Muslim growth style, this type of interpretation or presentation is utterly wrong and not helpful for India society.

Uncontrolled population growth and declining male to female ratio are among some of very serious problems India is facing for decades. Lot of efforts are being done on government level to deal with these issues without much success. Actually in one way large population can be considered as asset as it created bigger market and large work force. But if this asset is not managed properly then it can create so many problem s and liabilities. Current PM, Mr. Modi always mention India's huge population, especially its younger people as nation's asset and he is right in doing so. But this asset if not engaged in meaningful activities can cause lot of chaos and disturbance, one recent example of this is huge unrest caused in Gujarat by demand of reservation by youths belonging to Patel community. Ever growing population means ever growing demand of infrastructure, food and energy. The problem is by the time any infrastructure project is finished (say in 10 years or so) the population growth of that region makes that project inadequate, so the purpose for which that project was started is not normally met. And this is the problem of India's most of the government run schemes and projects, the burden of population makes most of them useless or ineffective.

Spreading awareness about use of contraceptives and communicating benefits of family planning effectively are the only options to control the population growth, many previous governments have done some good job in this sectors but this needs to be a continuous process. Blaming any particular community, caste or religion is not going to help anyone, this attitude might benefit or harm certain political party but it is definitely not going to solve this issue. Actually there are certain issues on which all political parties should work collectively as these are important issues for India it want to progress and population control is definitely one of them. So if at all they are serious about these issues then they won't play politics on this, we need to wait and watch to see how these political outfits use this data. I hope that this data is used to make good governance policies and programs not to play some dirty politics to win some election. If properly analyzed and studied such data can be very useful in formulating and implementing various type of social and educational programs which can produce long term positive results for all communities and sections of society. Such data is very important tool for any government, it tells lot of important information but unfortunate part is governments rarely use it effectively for this purpose. This problem is very serious and very important for India if it wants to transform into a country with proper infrastructure and comfortable living for most of its citizens. Burden of ever growing population can derail many ambitious plans and projects so if India and we Indians are at all serious about welfare of our country then we need to tackle this glaring problem with all seriousness and honesty otherwise no matter what and how we built unbearable weight of population is bound to crush it and I don't think anyone of us want this to happen.

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