Monday, June 23, 2014

Climate change...a real problem or false propaganda?

Recently I attended the talk at local ACS (American Chemical Society) section meeting about Global warming. The talk was not usual one where they tell you about harmful effects of global warming and climate change on our planet earth. Rather this talk was about how this whole theory of global warming and climate change is flawed and how this is over hyped by some group of scientists and organizations (including UN) to misguide people. It was a interesting talk and it was more interesting to attend it in local ACS section, because as far as I know officially ACS supports theory of global warming and comments about its harmful effects in all its editorials and publications. It was interesting to see that they invited a speaker who not only questioned this entire theory but also called it a total hoax. Actually this is what I like about science, every view is welcomed, every voice is encouraged, doesn't matter which theory they propose or oppose, they just need to bring the relevant data to prov their hypothesis and scientific community will listen to it debate about it. It  really doesn't matter whose theory or hypothesis you are challenging, the name or the status or age of scientist doesn't matter only the data matters.

Climate change is a very popular subject nowadays for debates and discussions. I guess it has become as controversial and sensitive as religion or existence of god, people argue very passionately for or against this issue. Climate change covers many aspects related with effect of human actions on climate of our planet earth. Global warming is just a part of it, no doubt it has received most attention and this particular theory is widely debated and questioned. People who try to object or oppose theory of effect of human behavior on climate of earth mainly target issue of global warming. They claim that data presented in support of global warming is wrong or not reliable and global worming is a completely natural phenomena which we don't have to worry about. By questioning data for global warming its opponents try to question the phenomena of climate change. Many try to claim that both climate change and global worming are not a real issues or problems but a false propaganda by some elite group of scientists. Both sides who support or oppose global warming produce lots of data to support their claims and both claim that their data is reliable and other side's data is totally wrong.  

All these issues or for that matter any issue can be debated and discussed, actually debates and discussions are best way to solve any disputes. But I don't think there can be any dispute about impact of human behavior on our planet and its climate. We can clearly see it and even feel it in many places. We are producing enormous amount of waste by our uncontrolled consumerism, this waste bound to have some effect on our environment. We can clearly see the effect of deforestation, water and air pollution, poor management of waste in many pats of the world also created many health problems for people. In many cities of the world where they allowed uncontrolled and unplanned development to happen one can see high level of water and air pollution, this is clearly because of human behavior. Climate change doesn't mean only global warming, it means effect of our actions on in general health of this planet. Continuous abuse of earth and its resources under the name of development is clearly having a huge impact on its health. We can definitely debate or discuss the severity of climate change and steps required to tackle this problem but I think it will be very wrong to assume that human behavior is not having any detrimental effect on climate of this planet. I hope supporters and opponents of climate change engage in some meaningful discussion, just playing a blame game is not going to help anyone, after all we are not talking about any individual or any country here, we are discussing about entire human race and our dear planet, the only place in our galaxy where we know that life exists. Let's get serious about this issue and try our best to maintain this planet in good shape, this will be a greatest gift we can give to our future generations.

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