Friday, December 21, 2012

My favorite scene from movie OMG..

Few weeks back I wrote a post about movie Oh My God (OMG) few days back. I really like this movie and watched it multiple times as I do with so many other movies which I like. There are many scenes which I like from this movie and I feel that they are really funny and at the same time they comment directly or indirectly on current malpractices, superstitions and fears associated with almost all organized religions. The story of this movie is set in Hindu family and mainly uses Hindu characters, may be this is one of the reason why some people think that this movie was trying to insult or criticize or make fun of Hindu culture or Gods while conveniently ignoring other cultures and faiths who also have many superstitions associated with them. I think this is the limitation of the medium, I think the movie makers intend to comment about general misuse of religion and use of God to exploit people but due to time constrain and to add some entertainment value in movie (after all it's a business and they have to recover their money) there are certain limitations on how much a movie like this can accommodate, so one should not see this movie as an attack on any particular religion or culture but should be taken as a general comment about several malpractices which are rampant among all organized religions today. 

Movie delivers a heavy blow on cult movements and all those so called gurus who try to use people's emotions to sell their own ideas and beliefs in the name of religion and God. No where in a movie script writer or director directly attacks or questions the existence of God, they only question the methods or the rituals which are used in name of God. My most favorite scene in the movie is towards the end of the movie where main character Kanjibhai (Paresh Rawal) wants his family to meet with Lord Shrikrishna (Akshay Kumar), he wanted to show them that in spite being an atheist God himself came to visit him and helped him to come out of all his problems, but by the time he takes his family to the spot where Krishna was with him just moments ago, he (Krishna) disappears only leaving that fancy key chain as a token which he used to rotate with his fore finger (like sudarshan chakra). Kanjibhai realizes futility of his efforts to show his family members that he indeed met with God, but he collects that key chain and starts thinking of keeping it as a souvenir of God. While he is thinking about keeping that key chain with him, the voice in background tells him to throw that key chain away and not to make the same mistake which many others did, that is making different idols out of their own imaginations  and turning them into God, forcing their own concept of God on others, worshiping idols or that invisible supreme entity rather than showing sympathy and love towards their fellow citizens. Kanjibhai realizes that this is against his principal and also against what he practiced as atheist through out his life and then he throws away that key chain without any remorse and returns back to his normal life.

According to me this scene delivers very powerful message, why to search for God in temples, idols, churches, mosques, holy books or any other place, why not to search for that power within our self? It also comments on how all these cult movements turn their founder into another deity and start worshiping him or her, all these leaders of various cult movements were very knowledgeable people, they found something which gave them peace and happiness, tried to share that philosophy with people around them but their followers created a holy book out of their teachings and made them God, turned them into something divine, they started worshiping them, formed very exclusive groups with different names.In India we have so many of them, in every city, village, town wherever you go you will find some Guru, Baba, Maharaj or Prabhu who is being worshiped, this all sounds very crazy but there are many uneducated as well as educated people who are actively involved in these type of movements. I hope that many more movies like this will come in future and try to comment on these type of superstitions in our society which will help us to come out of these illusionary movements. Movies like this and many documentaries related with this subject try to show us the mirror but only very few of us are willing to look at the picture which they show, most people like to live in denial mode and reject the reality but hopefully this will change and we will move towards more kind, liberal, loving and accommodating world.

Thanks for reading and please share your views about this topic.

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  1. I think movie had a few good messages, but had poor plot and displayed vulgar bias against Gurus. There are few bad cult elements, but many Gurus do good work and uplift masses. The movie completely lacked in this sense of proportion. That in itself makes it more of an anti-guru propaganda movie, and less of an honest objective dialog.

    In an accommodating world why shouldn't there be a place for temples, gurus as long as they don't break laws? Why demonize them with such rabid prejudice?

  2. Thanks for you comment...may be you didn't like the movie as much as I did. So your opinion is right from your perspective. The movie didn't say anything bad about temples or Gurus in general, it made comments about cult movements who claim to be non profit and collect huge amount of money and do some social work for display but hold on to huge wealth for no reason. Some even spread hatred or play divisive politics, it also commented on waste of resources in name of rituals and many things like that as I said its not a documentary so there are many things over simplified and are included in movie for the sake of entertainment..and its a just a movie, I liked it because it delivered very good message thats all...