Saturday, September 1, 2012

Value and need of money...

One thing I realized during my stay in India for last few weeks is that value of money has decreased but it's need and importance has increased a lot. Things are getting expensive day by day, I think real estate prices are increasing every minute in some big cities like Pune and Mumbai (I am not kidding). There seems to be a race to earn money by whatever way one can, the competition is so fierce and tough that people don't even have time to relax and think which way they are going and what will be consequences of their actions. India is known for spirituality, its simplicity as well as poverty. One can clearly see the effect of globalization on Indian economy and its people. Things are changing and they are changing very fast, many things have improved, and at the same time many have deteriorated also. One can notice the speed of development clearly by the amount of construction work going on around Pune area (where I spent my time during India visit), huge multistory buildings are being constructed and trees are vanishing fast because of that, even beautiful hills are getting occupied by bungalows and even after so much construction demand for apartments and land has not decreased a bit. I don't know if anyone has time to think about environmental impact of this speedy development in Pune.

Many software firms have emerged and also many other private industries, this has created huge job market for skilled workers. Government jobs have lost their status and importance completely. In my student days most of brilliant students used to strive for career in government sector, because those jobs were considered as secure and attractive (with all extra money they can generate apart from their salary). Emergence of private sector has changed this scenario completely, they offer very attractive packages and this resulted in change in life style of middle class of India. The point of telling all these is that money has become very essential commodity in India now, it's not like it was not but there never used to be such blatant display of money in Indian society which we can see today. This all development and uplifting of middle class is very good, no one can question that, but at the same time disparity between rich and poor has become big. The gad has widened even more, there is only certain class which is getting benifitted because of all this development. Along with these big apartment complexes slums are also growing. Villages are shrinking, cities are growing beyond their capacity, they are overcrowded and all this is happening without any proper planning. This is what bothers me that its all happening 'without any proper planning'. Currently everyone is busy in reaping the benefits from this phenomena and is not bothered about its long term effect.

People are feeling need for money to match the lifestyle of other people around them, competition is tough, pressure is immense and people are busy, whereas its good to compete but it should be a healthy competition not a rat race where every one is chasing others without knowing what the ultimate target is. One example of senseless completion can be seen in car market. Today almost all major car manufactures have their shops in India and one can see almost all expensive cars on Indian roads except hybrid car models...just because its not cool to have them, BMWs, Mercedes, Audis are status symbols and people like to have them but not the hybrids. No one even thinks about environment while buying the car. This consciousness about our surroundings, about impact of our actions on environment should come along with the development to have a sustainable growth. Street vendors are still there and they still sell very good stuff but many people buy the stuff from malls, use of public transport has decreased significantly (still they are crowded that's a different issue). This all social and economic changes has made people feel the need for more money even more.

Having desire to earn money is not bad at all, living comfortable life is good but it's also necessary to be conscious about energy consumption. Importance and need of money can not be denied or ignored but its necessity beyond certain limit can definitely be questioned. Everyone has to decide their own limits and work towards it, it can not be uniform for everyone. We all have similar needs but greed is what lands us in trouble so we should be aware of it. Pursuing our dream is necessary and great thing but we should check from time to time that the dream we are pursuing is our own or forced on us by society, I think if we do this reality check from time to time then we all will realize the real value and need of money and can make our lives much more happy and comfortable.

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