Monday, April 23, 2012

Satya Sai Baba: Guru or magician?

Exactly one year before (in 2011) on this day Satya Sai Baba died  (April 24th) and as expected news of his death made headline in almost all national news papers and web sites. Even foreign news channels also took notice of his death they called him as Hindu god man?? I don't know what the term 'Hidu God man' means.

Satya Sai Baba was unique personality according to me, man with noble intentions but trapped in his own image. One can find many people specially in India who believe that he was god, incarnation of Shirdi wale Sai Baba, they believed his magic tricks were real and at the same time there are many people who criticize him for fooling innocent people by showing cheap tricks and taking advantage of their devotion (I am one of them). I totally don’t believe in his magic tricks and also criticized him for using those tricks to gain polularity whenever there used to be discussion related with him in my group of friends. Recently when I listened to his speeches and some of his interviews, I realized that whatever message he wanted to give to his followers was really sensible and useful. He never preached any religion or started any society rather he encouraged his devotees to keep their original faiths, he told about importance of love and how love is the ultimate thing, not to hurt anybody and many things like that. Many of his teachings are really wonderful and relevant in today’s world where we see hatred and jealousy as a major problem. Even many people who follow him don’t seem to be interested in real meaning of his messages. I think they were overwhelmed by his personality and got amazed because of his tricks. They felt happy that they saw God’s avatar and felt relieved to share their grievances with him. They also believed that he will solve all their problems with his divine power (after all who else can solve if God himself can't). They thought his magic tricks were possible because of his divine power. In this entire process the real message given by him got lost and only remained was his magic and God like personality for his devotees. 

Satya Sai trust established by him has done great philanthropic work by setting up many educational institutes and medical centers for poor people. I think that his disciplines forced him to continue with his magic tricks because producing ash, diamond ring, expensive Rolex watches, gold ornaments from thin air  became his identity. Whenever people attended his gathering/satsang they expected some trick from him and I think he was very well aware of that and has to live to his image and satisfy his devotees expectations. This happens with many great people and actors, they get trapped in some public image and people (their devotees or fans) always want to see them in that role, doing same thing over and over again. People don’t allow them to break that mold. 

Hopefully people will get over with the argument whether Satya Sai Baba’s magic trick were genuine or not? Whether he was incarnation of Sai Baba or not? I think we all know the real answer to these questions. And will remember his message and teaching which are definitely more important than any of his tricks.

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    must read about some experiences..

    1. very good link uncle. I know most of this stuff about him, there were couple of India Today issues related with this controversy. Its obvious that all his tricks and claims of divinity were fake, no doubt about it. He was popular because of these things, generated lot of wealth for him and his he is dead, so I wanted people to pay attention to the message he wanted to give...after all Gita is Gita even if it comes from Buffalo's mouth. There are videos on youtube where his tricks are exposed. I am against his fraudulent tricks but not against his message.

  2. I thought this will be a longer article than what it is now. I/we expect you to write in detail since you have studied it all already. Without touching Tendulkar's devotion towards him (which I am sure was not because of his magics), I think any article on satya sai baba is incomplete. Kindly shade some light on why we should focus on his message and not just waste time in criticizing him. I am eager to know more without digging much on google. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, but it will be great if it can be informative too.

    1. Forget about his magic and tricks, we know they were fake. I even don't care whether he was gay or straight. I am not interested in his sexual orientation or his sexual activities. What I like about him was, he never said bad things about non-believers of his teachings or movement (never preached hatred). He never wrote commandment type book and claimed that this is coming from God and take it (follow it). He never used harsh words against his critics. That might be the reason for his popularity.

      some of his teachings are,
      Love all and Serve all.
      Help ever, hurt never.
      Be patriotic and respect the laws of the country in which you live.
      Respect all other religions.
      Perform selfless service to the poor, the sick, and the needy without thought of reward or fame.
      There is only caste; the caste of Humanity.
      Love lives by giving and forgiving; self lives by getting and forgetting.
      Love is God, God is Love. Where there is love, there is God.
      The Best way to Love God is to Love All and Serve All.

      I like all these messages. I wanted to write post in much detail but didn't get enough time to work on that. His life and personality can be questioned but I like his messages and thought of sharing that angle of his personality. For me person is not important but his messages are more important. I don't know how Sachin became his devotee, hopefully because of his teachings. I got attracted towards his teachings not to his personality.


    A lot of yeomen service to the much needy!.....He was a powerful human with a lot of compassion...
    " Jab tak Chamatkaar nahi dikhatey, Namaskaar nahi kartey log"

    I agree Vinay and it is true... his "Yogdaan" was a 'GREAT ' one surely!

  4. good connection uncle. I know a large portion of this stuff about him, there were couple of India Today issues related with this debate. Its undeniable that every one of his traps and claims of heavenly nature were fake, most likely about it. He was prevalent on account of these things, produced part of riches for him and his he is dead, so I needed individuals to pay consideration on the message he needed to give...after all Gita will be Gita regardless of the fact that it originates from Buffalo's mouth. There are recordings on youtube where his traps are uncovered. I am against his false traps however not against his message. magician dubai