Monday, March 5, 2012

New Beginning....

This is the new beginning for me; I used to write my diary in regular diaries. I have so many of them stacked here and also in Pune my home town in India. I started writing diary when I was in school and have most of them with me telling some stories at different stages of my life and its always very interesting to go back and read few chapters from your own life. My life has been a very incredible journey so far full of very interesting encounters and experiences.

Since last few months I am reading a lot in the field of mythology. My aim is to understand deeper meaning of life. What is religion? What is God? Why people believe or don’t believe in God? What is moksha? Why different people or sects advise different ways to achieve Moksha? What are incarnations of Vishnu? Why they were necessary? And many, many questions like this, I can’t list all of them but I have many more questions and they keep on popping up in my mind so many times whenever I read particular text or listen to some seminar on mythology or attend any religious gathering. I see people around me and always think why most of people follow certain rituals without understanding logic behind it? (Most of these rituals when introduces did have some sort of reasoning or logic behind it, but rarely people try to understand it and analyze if it’s still valid or reasonable thing to do), why they believe in scriptures blindly without even trying to understand its meaning? Why?? I also wonder why these doubts or questions don’t come up in other people’s mind?…either they know the answer or they are ignorant or they don’t care or they are not capable of thinking like I can…but I am also a normal person like most people around me, born and brought up in very humble atmosphere so why these questions keep on coming to me? My parents didn’t force me for follow any particular belief, they were busy in setting up their life as immigrants in Pune they tried to provide us (me and my two brothers) a decent life to the best of their ability and I am really grateful to them for that. They gave us lot of freedom to choose our careers and also way we want to live. I read many Marathi books during my college and school days may be these books had profound effect on my thinking and behavior, so I consider myself lucky in this aspect.

I am reading and thinking a lot these days and trying to find out answers to these questions myself and I think I am heading somewhere, I am sure I will reach my destination and I am determined to walk until I reach there. This is not a road map or guide or mantra to achieve self-realization instantly, these are my thoughts and you have all the rights to agree or totally disagree with them, debate about them, raise questions or concerns about them to me and be sure that I will try to answer them to best of my ability.

I don't promise to answer everything. I am here merely to help you seek the right questions along with me. The answers lie within us. Wherever I interpret the scriptures or any writing whether I understand their real meaning or not is not my concern, if they help me and you uncover our minds and discover our reality then this effort has served its purpose….Let the discovery begin...lets enjoy this journey together...

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  1. This blog will surely add to people's everyday reading, so my best luck. Will follow and comment my views without getting into arguments.

  2. Hi Vinay, I have read your recent post and it seems very interesting. After reading this, it seems that your curiosities are very similar to mine. I live(d) quite similar life as yours. Interestingly, during my teen age and there after I had similar questions in my mind (mostly about religious rituals), which sometimes used to put me in argument with my parents (although they never argue back). Recently I have started thinking about religion more seriously. The more I think, the more interesting it becomes. In last few months I could able to get answers to some of my questions (obviously through expert's guidance and some thoughtful reading), however there are many to be answered. I guess that's why your blog attracted me. I really appreciate your initiative and I will certainly keep participating. I would suggest you to bring up a specific question one at a time for the discussion and we can share ideas that will benefit both of us.

  3. Hi Nitin, thanks a lot for your insights man, its really useful and the whole purpose of this blog is to initiate some discussion on this vast topic. I will try to bring one specific topic in each post and would like to have people's opinion about it. We seem to be traveling on similar path, your comments are very thought provoking, keep on posting them it will help me and all who will visit the blog.