Thursday, March 8, 2012

Deool- a must watch Marathi movie

Yesterday I watched Marathi movie ‘Deool’ it means temple in Marathi. It was amazing experience to watch this movie, screenplay, casting, direction and acting all was amazing. All characters are very well defined and are there in a movie for reason; rarely you see such a perfect balance achieved in Marathi movie.

The movie broadly talks about religious faith and its commercialization at the cost of real development. During the movie director very cleverly comments on various contradictions observed in Indian society. It also shows if people decide to take on some task (like in movie temple building) and are really passionate and united for that cause nothing is impossible even in Indian system which is plagued by red tapism and also dirty politics.

Girish Kulkarni’s role as Keshya is just amazing; he has captured all the mannerisms and details of typical village boy character. The movie shows interesting scenario where two people poles apart from each other, pure and innocent devotee Keshya and Anna, person with more scientific approach towards faith and God understand each other very well but rest of the society just doesn’t try to understand both of them. Relationship between these tow characters is very interesting part of movie according to me. Dilip Prabhavalkar’s character (Anna) is interesting as he is not against personal faith or any religion but also cautions people that faith a personal matter and should remain personal and development is necessary for village and not to mix them together. He feels sad when people get carried away because of prosperity which comes to them suddenly because of construction of new temple and its popularity. It also very nicely shows peoples attitude towards popular temples in India. At most of these places everything is just about money and bhakti or devotion takes back. These temples become big commercial power centers and money making machines. It also shows how villagers get rid of real devotee (Keshya) and thinker (Anna) when they don’t find their presence very comfortable for them. These two people are two rare protagonists whom we don’t see around now a days and all villagers make use of them as per their convenience and don’t even think twice before dumping them.

Dialogues of Keshya with his God are very interesting, especially when he talks with God after construction of temple. It also nicely comments on what might happen if we implement women reservation policy without any prior training for women to handle power which they will get because of that policy (see the character of women Sarpanch of village). It nicely shows the effect of globalization (sudden availability of money and technology) on India's small towns and villages. It is an Indian language film to be really proud of. For God’s sake, don’t miss it.

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  1. Haven't seen the movie but will now!! Girish Kulkarni best actor! Although does it have the freshness of Valu??

    1. what I like about this movie is it didnt try to preach anything just presents us the situation and lets us to decide whats right for us and what for last meeting scene between Nana and Dilip P...I am sure you will like it..