Monday, September 21, 2015

Ravish Kumar- a rare sensible voice from Indian news channel.

It is more than couple of years since I started following NDTV anchor and journalist Ravish Kumar, the only program from any Indian news channel show which I watch consistently is his show called 'prime time'. I also follow his blog Kasba, which is a Hindi blog where Ravish shares his personal opinions and experiences. His TV show is so familiar in our home that if my kids see me watching something on my tablet they by default think that I am watching Ravish's program, they also know his name, voice and face very well. I guess he is the only Indian news anchor which they can recognize by name and face. So what is so special about this person? Why the heck I am praising him so much and bothered to write a blog post about him? He is not even a English journalist or the someone to whom so called powerful and popular politicians from India even grant a one to one interview. There are many from same channel who are known to be very powerful and influential, they can manage to call so called big ministers and 'key people' on their show. No doubt that they all also have earned their reputation by their hard work and dedication but none of them are as unbiased as Ravish is. Actually it is not easy to be unbiased as more power comes in your hand, be it a power via politics or power via journalism or anything else. There are many journalists who are active members of some political party and still hold positions line editor in media houses. There are media houses whose political inclination is clearly known and one can easily see that bias in their reporting. There are people closely related with media who are members of Rajyasabha from some political party so how can one even expect them to remain unbiased?

There are quite a few reasons why I got attracted towards his show and watch it regularly, one of the major reasons is the diversity of the subjects he chose for his show. He dares to touch very simple but important subjects for common people which many other anchors don't even bother to mention because they are not controversial. Even during 2014 general elections of India his reporting was very different than all others. I think he is the only anchor who clearly says, "in this show I am going to present only one side of the story (this can be for so many reasons) and I request you to go and check other side of story as it is important to know both the sides". I think he is the one of the rare TV anchors who consistently accepts futility of having TV debates where people either shout at each other or give some politically correct answers which doesn't result in any desired result. He is one of those rare people who tell that don't believe in whatever I say just because I am a TV anchor, go and verify yourself and for your own opinions. He shares many interesting views, may be I got attracted to his show because I also share similar views. I guess if someone is looking for motivation to learn Hindi then his show is one of the great reason to learn it, as this show is exclusively in Hindi. His fearless reporting is another aspect, as I said he dares to touch the subjects which many others don't, so it makes his show unique in its own way. He raises many uncomfortable questions which very few politicians like to face, may be this is the reason why very few of them dare to give him an interview. When I heard about recent personal attacks on him on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter I really felt bad. This is also a sign of increasing intolerance and fanaticism in our society. Any sane voice which dares to raise difficult questions is not welcomed, rather every attempt is made to silence it. I am sure that Ravish won't get perturbed by such attacks but I can see that he is bothered about them. He sounds disturbed sometimes in his blog posts which is quite normal reaction from a sensitive person like him.

I have one personal request for Ravish, I know it is tough to be independent thinker but please keep on doing what you do best, that is to write your blog fearlessly and express your opinion. Please carry on with your TV show by reporting on various issues which are important for our society. I also understand that it is really hard to relax when you and your family gets attacked on social media for no fault of theirs. These goons are dangerous but I am sure you have strength to deal with them. You know very well that there are very few independent and sane voices left in media and you are one of them so it is very important for people like you to stay there. Please don't even think of quitting, there are many people like me who are willing to stand behind you. May be you can set a example for may misguided people, may be by watching you one day they all will realize that there are peaceful, democratic and civilized ways to raise their questions and objections. May be they will realize that it is not good idea to become fan of anyone (including you). So for all this to happen people like you should stay and continue doing their work. Thank you very much for your efforts, I and many people really appreciate it.

In general very few independent voices are left in Indian media and I hope Ravish continues to be independent. I am not his fan, rather I am no one's fan to support or follow anyone blindly. It can become really tough and sometimes really frustrating but carry on with your journey my friend and I expect to hear these lines regularly for many more years "नमश्कार, मैं रविश कुमार"

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  1. I am also a big follower of Ravish Sir because of his simplicity, his dedication, his truthfulness, his charismatic presentation......

    1. Glad that you just follow his program and not his he himself advised people not to become fan of anybody. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Thanks a lot for this post . Now I can considerably rest assured that I admire the right person for the right reasons .

    1. Great, but don't become his fan or follow him blindly. As you said always admire a right person for right reasons. Thanks for sharing your opinion.