Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Money can buy happiness.

"Money can't buy happiness", we often hear this tag line repeated during many conversations, seminars, lectures or motivational talks and the funny thing is that most people who offer this advise charge money to give those lectures or sermons. Actually it is very easy to say that money can't solve all the problems or money can't buy happiness but can lack or money or acceptance of poverty solves all the problems or results in happiness? Actually happiness is a state of mind it depends on so many factors and differs from person to person. Every person defines happiness in their own way, unnecessarily people try to standardize the definition of happiness and with that intention such statements start appearing in mainstream media. There was a time in my life when I used to think that money can solve 'all' the problems, this thinking was because of our financial and social situation at that time. During that phase of my life reason for most of our problems and troubles was lack of money. We continuously felt shortage of money almost for every thing starting from education, home, travel, etc. I still think that money can solve most of the problems but not all and this is true for any other remedy, there is not a single solution for all problems faced by any individual.

Actually the statement 'money can't buy happiness' is result of money oriented culture, we need money to buy almost everything in this world. It is the ultimate currency in which everyone believes, people may or may not believe in religion, god, science, government, media but almost everyone believes in money. Because of universal acceptance of money as a symbol of power and status its possession is directly linked to happiness. It is not right to assume that amount of money is directly proportional to amount of happiness. Because as I said happiness depends on so many things and money is just one of them. Everyone has different needs and desires but in today's world because of aggressive marketing and very stereotypical culture of society there is very narrow definition of happiness and everyone tries to fit into that definition. So the ultimate aim for most of people in society is to earn enough money to buy as many things as possible from all kinds of markets around us which they think will result in creating happiness in their lives. This desire to earn 'enough' money then becomes sole purpose of life, and that 'enough' is never achieved because as the time passes the needs or more accurately desires keep on changing and the definition of 'enough money' also keeps on changing. So this continuous chase creates many problems in person's life, issues like stress, anxiety, frustrations, lack of quality free time, some other health related issues, even relationships start getting affected and ultimately the happiness for which all this quest was started remains a very distant goal. At this junction this advise 'money can't buy happiness' starts making sense but it is not fault of money that it can't buy happiness for that particular person it is fault of that person that he or she can't be happy in whatever money he or she has. There is nothing wrong to have desire to make more money, this desire can result in very successful and productive professional life, which in turn can generate lot of happiness. Money does have capacity to solve many problems, it can help many people to achieve their dreams but only if it is properly used for those purposes. At the same time its possession or lack of presence can cause lot of issues, so one needs to strike the balance as per their own needs and requirements. Many people struggle because of their inability to strike this balance.

Money holds certain status and power in today's world and no one can deny this. Its proper use can result in lot of happiness and comfort in anyone's life. But this needs lot of proper planning and execution of those plans. I believe that money can buy happiness and I am saying this based on my personal experience. How much money one needs to be happy differs from person to person, there is no standard chart to correlate money and happiness. I know that money can't solve all the problems but nothing else also can't do it so there is no use to blame money for this. I believe that with proper use money can bring lot of happiness in our lives. It all depends on how we use it, after all it is a weapon in our hand given by the markets of the world, and please remember that it has capacity to hurt us if not used properly. So use money wisely, be prosperous and be happy.

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  1. Happiness can never be attach to money . Happiness is a state of mind and either you have money or not it does not matter. As per your blog I can conclude that , Who has money that person never be sad or unhappy ? !!! Which is not the truth . Lust what makes us to run behind money and ego one of other factor. And not only through money by any means happiness can not be buy-able.Happiness lies inside and it need to explore.