Friday, July 31, 2015

I understand your difficulties Mr. Tharoor.

Recent speech by Mr Shashi Tharoor which he gave during some debate at Oxford University went viral on internet. In this speech he rebuked the argument that India was in any way got benefited by British rule rather he strongly proposed that it was Britain who was the beneficiary at the cost of India's development. As expected this speech won praise from all quarters in India, even Indian prime minister Mr. Modi made a special mention of this speech. There is no doubt that Mr. Tharoor is a very good writer and excellent orator, specially in English. I love the way he presents his arguments and conducts himself during any debate or discussion. His mannerisms and grasp on various issues are very impressive. Even after being in Indian politics he shows courage to view his opinions about sensitive issues like juvenile justice bill or capital punishment. Many political parties and its leaders stay away from saying anything contrary to general public perception about these sensitive issues but so far Mr. Tharoor has shown courage to express his views boldly on these matters. I hope he continues to do this even in future, I personally may or may not agree with all of his views and ideas but I really appreciate his willingness to express opinions on matters where most other political leaders shy away to avoid the risk of public outrage or party disciplinary action.

Unfortunately his own party (Indian National Congress) is crippled by its own insecurities and therefore can not make use of this brilliant public speaker as their spokes person. According to them it seems he has tendency to speak some of the things which are logical and most of the time correct but not fit for messy Indian politics. Many times some of his statements put his own party in difficult situation because they want spokes persons who speak politically correct language not logical or rational things. It seems no political party in India likes this type of free mind or independent thinker to speak on behalf of them. Mr. Tharoor landed in such trouble just few days back (he faced this problem in past also) when he said that he is not in favor of using disruption of parliament as a tool to corner the government. Actually there is nothing wrong in what he said, there is no use of disrupting the parliament and stalling the important work which parliament and its members are supposed to do. There is no doubt that current ruling coalition NDA (mainly BJP) did this in past but their wrong actions of past can not justify the same actions performed in present by any other party. So even though Mr. Tharoor was right he faced wrath of some of his party members for objecting to party's political tactics. Actually even after all this snubbing and scolding I am glad that people like him or Nandan Nilekani are trying to enter the politics and surviving there. I also understand why these people have to go with Indian National Congress rather than any other political party, the ideas and values represented by this party and its mostly secular fabric matches these people's thinking that is why even after all the problems, issues and drawbacks associated with this party they have to go with this party as there is no other equally suitable alternative for them. This explains their political choice, Politically I consider myself independent and I support any political party based on issues, that is why I also face the same problems when I have to choose any single political party to cast my vote during any elections. I face same dilemma and always have to settle for lesser evil rather than ideal choice. This is why I say that I understand the problems of people like Mr. Tharoor, I really appreciate their efforts to remain in this system and also able to protect their identity. Many people after entering this very robust and old system become part of it, system changes then rather than they bringing any change in the system. There are many examples of this from past and present to prove this hypothesis. It is very easy to criticize the system, get frustrated and say nothing can be done to change it but it takes great amount of patience, determination and stamina to enter in it and try to swim against the current. Very few dare to do it, most of the people enter to swim with the current and reap the benefit which this approach offers. So don't worry Mr. Tharoor, I understand your problems but don't get disheartened by temporary setbacks, please keep on expressing your opinions and initiating discussions on various topics. Let's keep the fire of independent and free thinking minds burning, we owe this to our society.

Thanks for reading and please share your views on this topic.

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