Friday, December 19, 2014

Terrorist do have a religion.

Peshawar school massacre by Taliban shook many people across the world. It was not the worst massacre by terrorists and it was not the first time school or children were attacked by terrorists but even after that the brutality of this attack is really disturbing. Whenever any such attack happens we start hearing the phrases like 'terrorists don't belong to any religion' or 'they don't have any religion or country' 'these people are not humans', etc. I always wonder how much truth is there in these statements? In real sense all these statements are mainly used by people to dissociate the religion (specially their own religion) from such barbaric acts but for me these statements sound too hollow and meaning less. If we look carefully most of these terrorists or people who spread hatred against certain communities do belong to some religion and to some country. All of them do claim to represent true form of some sect or cult or religion. I am not talking about Islam or Hindu or any other particular religion most religions have fanatic elements in their teachings which are misused by some people to create hardcore religious organizations some of which slowly manifest themselves in various forms of terrorism. This all starts with spreading hatred against certain section of society which doesn't subscribe to their ideology or faith. This hatred can be in various form; it can be a hate speech which spreads venom against all who don't belong to their sect or organization, it can be a discriminatory law, it can be in form of biased customs and rituals, or something else but 'hate' is a common element in all these things. Slowly and steadily this hatred breeds more hatred and ultimate result is violence. This is going on for many years, sometime some X religion was aggressive and some time some Y, but always there was some religion or ideology (which starts behaving like religion) which propagates such hatred and then justifies the violence in name of protecting it.

What is there in religion or some of these ideologies (like communism or Maoism) that people are willing to kill hundreds of innocents in name of protecting it? Why these people don't feel the guilt or shame of doing such barbaric acts in name of protecting their religion? Why religion is such a powerful force that it makes people to go blind and makes them hate others just because they belong to some different religion? Can we really dissociate religion from these barbaric acts? Why there is a so much communal violence if all religions preach peace and love? Why lined from some book are quoted to justify violence or discrimination or gender bias? The truth is that all these terrorists (present and past) do belong to some religion or some country. They all derive their logic or ideology from some holy book, they all claim that they are killing to protect the word of their so called God. Many of these terrorist organizations start as some revolutionary group, religious or political outfits or rebels who fight to protect their land or faith. Some country, group or even common people support them with expectation that they will bring the rule of their faith. But slowly as they become more aggressive and powerful, they start implementing each and every line from that so called holy book the conflict starts and people who supported them start suffering. People who support these groups realize their mistake and regret supporting them but very often by that time it is too late. This is happening for last so many years, at so many places but still people are not willing to learn the lesson.

People are not willing to question some objectionable contents which are present in all these holy books. Once it is claimed and accepted that that particular book is a word of God very few dare to question it. Most of these books contain some objectionable material but these things are ignored because it is understood that mostly these books teach love and peace so few minor things don't matter. But some anti-social elements make use of some of these objectionable or out dated messages and propagate hate and violence. As no one dares to condemn these sections of any of the books, these things get taught, people interpret them as per their own convenience and derive their own meanings. That is why I think now time has come to ask some serious question to keepers of all religions. They need to make it clear that there is no place for violence or hatred under name of any religion. If there is some outdated or objectionable material in their own holy book they need to delete it or condemn that part and make it clear that it is no more applicable. They need to be very strong about this message and condemn any group or community which tries to propagate hate in name of religion. Religion might be a need for many but violence or hatred has no place in any civilized society.

Isn't it a time to think whether there is some inherent flaw in philosophy of organized religion? Most of these terrorists do come from some religion, they are also humans like us that is why they do such barbaric acts. I still call them humans because animals normally don't kill without any reason only humans are capable of doing such heinous act. Time has come for all of us to unite and stand against such criminals. Time has come to question religion and holy books, they need to come clear on issues like violence and discrimination. Time has come to reduce the power of religion and religious organizations. Time has come for all civilized humans to speak up and ask questions. We can not just wait for out turn to become victims of such violence, it will be too late by that time, so speak up NOW.

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