Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Leave aside religion from this incident, lets focus on main issue: BULLYING...

News of Shiv Sena MP force feeding one of the employee of catering company which supplies food to Maharashtra Sadan (a state guest house in Delhi mainly for VIPs/ State dignitaries/officials of the State Government visiting Delhi) is getting lot of media attention. The news created lot of controversy because of people involved in this particular incident, MPs (member of parliament) belonging to Shiv Sena (which is right wing party with pro Hindu agenda) tried to force fed a employee who was from Muslim community and was fasting during Ramadan month. So it was really easy to give a communal angle to this news and as expected there was a uproar in media with so called secular parties objecting to this incident and others who are sympathetic to Shiv Sena down played it as expected. Everything happened as expected, every party directly or even indirectly associated with this incident tried to reap some political benefit from this issue.

Actually this is clear case of bullying, an employee of some organization was bullied by MPs who think they are powerful and no law can do anything to them by forcing him to do something against his wish (eat food). That employee's religion or whether he was fasting or not, whether it was some religious fast or not is really not important here. These public representatives, who are supposed to serve people and respect law of land were seen breaking the law in broad daylight that too for the issue which they could have solved using peaceful protest. They could have registered their displeasure about quality or type of food served to them by using peaceful means. There was absolutely no need to bully this particular employee by intimidating him and forcefully feeding him the food. For some reason the main focus of all this debate is that this particular employee was a Muslim and as Shiv Sena is pro-Hindu party this action is not acceptable. It seems if this employee would have been a Hindu or atheist fasting for health reasons then this action would have been acceptable as there is no religious sentiments hurt. I really wonder how people can even justify this kind of logic? Why the religion of this particular person is even an issue here? 

Shiv Sena MPs are claiming that they were unaware of concerned employee's religion when they did this act, it is quite possible that they were unaware of his religion but how does it matter? Does it make this act acceptable if these MPs were not aware about this person's religious affiliation? Even this employee is claiming that his religious sentiments are hurt in this whole episode not that he was bullied and MPs should be tried for bullying. The whole focus in this issue is wrongly focused on communal angle leaving aside the real issue of bullying. When public representatives engage in such shameless and blatant act of bullying and don't even regret that it sends a terrible message to all people who watch such incidents. It seems it's OK to bully people if their religious sentiments are not hurt, it's fine to intimidate someone if they feel that person is at fault. Bullying is evil and it should not be tolerated under any circumstances. Shiv Sena MPs should apologize for this incident but not just for hurting that person's religious sentiments (this is a really minor factor in this entire episode) but for bullying that person which is a much bigger crime. They should accept that whatever they did was wrong irrespective of that person's religion or his fast.

Indian parliament also should show some courage and try to punish its misbehaving members to sent some example in front of its citizens. It seems that parliament has no control over behavior of its members, it has no powers to punish them for any wrongdoing. MPs from various parties do whatever they want, say whatever they wish about anyone or any issue but parliament doesn't take any action against any such incidents. These issues get heavily politicized and parties take their stand according to their vote bank politics, no one seem to care about real issues. Real issues always get sidelined or take back seat in all this political drama, finger pointing and mud sledging. Sadly this happens after every incident like this, so far no MP is disqualified or even suspended for any such act or making some derogatory statement. I don't know how long this will continue, at least I expect common people to think beyond politics in case of this type of incidents, they should take a stand irrespective of their political affiliation. But it seems this is also too much to ask for, people seem to base their reaction not based on the incident but based on people involved in it, based on their religion or political affiliation. This is so sad and unfortunate but this is what happening and no one knows when this will change.  This post is really a small attempt from my side to request people to look at the real issues and not carried away by emotions or religious sentiments which all political parties want us to do. Let's use our own mind to decide what is right and what is wrong and then act accordingly.

Thanks for reading and please share your views on this topic.

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  1. Valuable information ..I am delighted to read this article..thank you for giving us this useful information. Great walk-through. I value this post.
    religion and food

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion and for your encouraging words.

  2. Of all the horrors committed by Muslims around the world and the only article you could write about was some muslim.
    You are just like the rest of the world media. One wrong against one muslim and there is a mass uproar. Many acts of horros by muslims and the media is silent.

    Pathetic blog.

    1. please read with your eyes and mind open, you will find many reports in media about terrorism. Terrorism is not associated with any particular religion and this post is not about a Muslim, rather this post is about removing communal angle from this incident and looking at the real issue that is BULLYING or Hooliganism..but I guess you missed the whole point, may be you were reading with some bias in your mind otherwise post is very clear about what it means.