Saturday, July 12, 2014

Being called average is not bad at all...

There are many people who get labeled as average at various stages of their life for variety of reasons. Many of them also suffer in their efforts to get rid of this 'average' tag as they feel it means 'not good' or 'below par'.  We are the ones who try their level best, work really hard (or as much as we can based on our abilities) but still can't reach to that so called top level. We are the students who in spite of out best efforts can't make it to that honor roll (or scholars list), in spite of our best efforts we can't get admission to so called elite institutes or crack those entrance exams, our best writings or our oratory skills can't match to many who seem to do it effortlessly. There are still spelling mistakes in our writings, our sentences sometimes don't make any sense, we make many mistakes and get in trouble. This list can go on and on but I think readers got the point which I want to make here. So people like us are termed as average in conventional terms based on our professional achievements or financial status or lifestyle. Actually our society and its people use many parameters to judge how successful a person is, most of the time professional and financial success tops the list. As I mentioned earlier many people constantly try very hard to get rid of this 'average' tag, off course there is no doubt that it is always good to aspire to go to next level but it is not good idea to loose self confidence because of some social stereotyping. The most important thing is to learn from mistakes and try not to repeat it. Some people learn the lesson in one shot and some learn it hard way but learning is what matters.

People who earn just sufficient money enough for their needs, who are happy with what they are doing in their life irrespective of how much money they make are many times considered as 'average' or 'ordinary'. Many times they get this tag just because they don't earn crazy amount of money, they don't have extravagant life style and no magazine or news channel considers them as celebrity. These people are not considered as news makers, money spenders, party throwers, etc. Their contribution or presence is hardly noticed by others as they don't stand out. But in actual sense the contribution of all these 'average' or 'ordinary' people matters a lot towards well being of our society. Actually terms like 'average' or 'above average' or 'extra ordinary' are relative terms. Different people use different criteria to decide who belong to which group. I always try to focus on my efforts and my personal behavior without worrying about in which category people put me. If I know that I am giving my best possible effort then it doesn't matter if the outcome is average or above average in conventional terms, for me it is always my best and that is what matters most. What others say matters very little if I am happy with my efforts. Criticism as well as appreciation are very important and should be always welcomed. Feedback from others can be used as a motivation for self improvement but it should not be detrimental for our confidence (specially negative feedback). There are many who get affected a lot because of comments they receive from other people and then they suffer because of those comments. Actually it is impossible to please everyone around us, there will be some criticism from someone no matter what you do. Being called as a average doesn't mean it is something bad or there is something wrong, it just means people think you can do much better (this can be a very good way of looking at it). Average doesn't always means below par, the meaning of the term depends on situation and context it is used. It can be taken in a very positive way, as I said any feedback should be useful to boost our confidence not detrimental to it. Now a days because of all this motivational pep talks, the word 'average' or 'ordinary' almost sounds like a abuse, many people don't like these terms if they are used to describe them. But actually it is not that bad, as many things get stereotyped in our society and these terms are also victims of same social trend. If a person is happy and giving her/his best doing what he or she likes without harming anyone then it the best possible scenario for that person and our society. Then it doesn't matter what people or society thinks about him/her according to me that person is successful. We need to focus on giving our personal best and let society or people around us put us in whatever category they want. Actually as long as we give our best it doesn't matter what label we get, let it be 'average' 'below average' or 'above average' everything is fine, just give your best and forget the rest.

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