Thursday, July 25, 2013

Why the heck Modi needs US visa?

Recent news about 65 MP's (member of parliament) who wrote a letter to US president Mr. Barack Obama requesting him not to grant US visa to Gujarat chief minister (CM) Mr. Narendra Modi caught my attention. I was interested in the logic (if there was any) behind these people's request and why they think is US visa is so important for Modi or for any person of his stature. The copy of letter which is circulating in media with signatures on it looks very genuine, so if we believe the contents of this letter then their major emphasis is on 2002 Godhra riots and because these MP's believe that Modi was responsible for those riots (I wonder on what basis they are claiming this) so US government should not allow him to enter their own country. 

The letter paints picture of Gujarat as most horrible place in India where minorities are butchered and raped daily, these people don't even realize that they are talking about one of the state in their own country. They consider Modi as anti-social and dangerous person, based on his shoddy human rights record they want US to prevent his entry, but they are fine with his presence in their own country (that too as CM). If they believe and have solid proofs about Modi's so called crimes then why is he free even in India? If his crimes are so serious and there in enough evidence about it, then he should be in jail, right? Why a person who these 65 lawmakers think is dangerous and antisocial roaming free in their own country? If they want US to ban his entry, then why they don't kick him out from India also? Do they think that in India criminals can stay, they can even rule, it's all fine, but not in US? There are many questions like these which should be asked to these 65 people and they should provide satisfactory answers to them or resign from their posts.

Having political or ideological difference is one thing, those differences can be debated, discussed in civilized manure but to play revenge politics like this and expose our internal disagreements on international level is pathetic display of immaturity. I didn't expect this from these people. Another question is, why the hell Modi needs a US visa? He is a chief minister of one of the most developing states of India, he is democratically elected leader and holding that office for more than a decade. He can talk with anyone anywhere in the world without physically visiting that place, recent development in communication technology has given everyone of us that power and capability. So even if he want to talk with Indian community in US he don't need to visit US physically, he can do it right from his office in Gujarat, so why the hell he needs that visa? If US companies want to invest in Gujarat they will automatically invite him and arrange visa for him, I am sure then there will be no question about human right violation and other things.

According to me no government in this world have absolutely clean record about human rights, every one is involved somewhere directly or indirectly where human rights are violated (either in their own country or on foreign soil), so who can claim high moral ground here? And on what basis? These people should fight against Modi (if at all they want) based on valid and rational points, challenge him, question him but please don't play dirty game like this, apply same yardsticks and rules to everyone and see what happens. I have only one request to all these people, please stop this circus and talk about more serious issues, I am sure India have many of them, whether Modi or anyone else gets any visa or not is not a big deal, we have much bigger issues to address and I expect these intelligent MP's to think about that rather than thinking about how they get some cheap media publicity.

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  2. We have launched a petition to request President Obama to reconsider US Administration’s stand on Mr. Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of the State of Gujarat, India.
    Please visit MODI360.COM to review and sign this petition.

    1. I don't think anyone needs to request President Obama on anyone's behalf for his/her visa unless it's for medical needs or emergency reasons, US has its own policies and they decide based on their needs and plans. I feel this is unnecessary. Thanks for sharing the information.