Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lal Krishna Advani, always number two...

Recent high pitch drama related with resignation of senior leader from Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) Mr. Lal Krishna Advani (LKA) and its subsequent rejection and withdrawal was in news for last few days. It seems Mr. Advani is not happy in direction his party is going and the way decisions are taken now a days (without consulting him). LKA never hid his aspiration for PM (prime minister on India) position, he always wanted to become PM but somehow destiny denied him that chance. He worked really hard to make BJP a strong political force (from just 2 seats in Loksabha in 1984 to 161 seats in 1996, and then subsequently to power in 1999). He was central figure in Ram Mandir movement which actually helped BJP to attain status of major opposition party, created vote bank for them and also helped them to win 1999 general election. But in spite of all his efforts and aggressive politics LKA always remained number two in BJP with Atal Bihari Vajpayee being more acceptable face to other coalition partners of NDA (national democratic alliance).

Mr. Narendra Modi is an emerging and very popular face in national politics, he already proved his power of governance and decision making as Gujarat chief minister and is now aspiring for bigger role in national politics (prime minister's post). Everyone related with Indian politics knows how much LKA want to become PM, he lost his chance to ABV in 1999, because LKA was considered as too radical or too extremist (pro-Hindu ideology, his close association with Ram mandir movement, etc.) to be a leader of coalition front which consisted of some so called secular parties such as TDP and JD(U). One can say that today NM is what LKA was few decades back but with proven track record of success he achieved as Gujarat PM, this gives him better creditability and chance to secure top position compared to LKA, but like LKA even NM has a tag of too radical Hindu extremist leader (more because of Godhra incident in 2002) and there is no doubt this label will be a major road block in his journey to achieve wider acceptance among other partners of NDA. So I think LKA is not happy with the fact that what he couldn't achieve some years back some one else with similar background and credentials can achieve so easily that too in his own party. Actually all three ABV, LKA and NM come with RSS background, they all believe in same ideology but have different approach that's why some are more acceptable compared to others.

I think by this time Mr. Advani must have realized that there is no point in fighting on the issue of Modi as future leader of BJP, LKA did whatever he can to achieve success to his party, he feels that he didn't get his due but that's how it is, in life sometimes you have to compromise and I think he realized this and that's why withdrew his resignation, BJP is definitely stringer with LKA with them than without him. Whether Modi can win this election for them or not is another big issue to discuss but right now there is lot of buzz in media about his name and he is very popular, it will be interesting to see how other partners of NDA react to selection of his name.It's good that Mr. Advani realized that there was no pint in stretching this drama any long, better to be late than never, I think he took right decision, lets see what happens next.

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