Sunday, September 23, 2012

OMG those high heels...

I never thought that I will write any post on this subject...but it's happening, I can't believe this but that's what happening. These high heels which females wear, you see them every where teenage girls, women, old ladies all of them wear them or I should say forced to wear them..and this force is not any physical force, it's the indirect force similar to what makes people to drink coke and other soft drinks instead of water, similar one what makes people believe fairer skin is more beautiful compared to dark. It's a indirect pressure created by aggressive marketing and stereotyping the concept of beauty. Now a days height of lady doesn't depend on how tall is she naturally but how tall high heels she can wear, and believe me pressure of looking tall is very serious there are not many girls or women who can escape this pressure, it's tremendous and has created huge market for foot wear makers (and I am sure for doctors also because of various alignments these things can cause to women body). 

It's being propagated widely that tall looks compliment the beauty of body, according to me it's a plain lie because beauty depends on many factors and height is one of them (in similar way where they say fairer skin is better or more beautiful than darker skin, single factor can not be responsible for being beautiful). It seems that looking tall makes women feel confident or if they are already confident it boosts their confident (is it a some kind of joke?), and for poor women who are not naturally tall only option remains to feel confident is to wear those high heels and if you look around you can see that this argument is working and people do really believe in this. I am sure wearing these high heels beyond certain height must have certain disadvantages or health risks associated with it but ladies are willing to wear it in spite of all these things. I wonder what is it forcing them? peer pressure, social pressure, stereotyping tallness as integral part of beauty? I just fail to understand what is it?...

One thing I should accept that it really amazes me beyond limits when I see all these ladies wearing high heels (and I mean really 'high' heels) and walking comfortably (or at least they pretend like that, may be I am wrong)...and let me tell you that it's not at all that easy, I was so curious about it that I tried it and I can barely stand wearing them forget about walking and these ladies not only walk but they dance also, climb steps...this is just phenomenal according to me. I thought that waxing (by which they remove unwanted body hair) was the only torture modern women voluntarily accept to look beautiful but I think this pain of waxing is nothing compared to this continuous balancing act which they have to perform with these high heels.

I am not against any of these things, it's totally up to women to decide what they like to wear and how they want to present themselves but I feel sad when I see womanhood, femininity or beauty getting stereotyped like this. I wish at least few of them stand up and say 'Hey it's not necessary to wear those towers to look beautiful...short or tall, fair or dark everything can look beautiful', I am sure some women are there who don't care about these things but I think they are in minority and most of them succumb to the pressure of making them presentable as per latest fashion trend. I know that this is not a big social issue but this is not only about high heels or fairness creams but about the stereotyping the beauty and I hope people understand it.

Thanks for reading and please share your views on this topic. 

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