Monday, July 2, 2012

What is definition of beauty?

We humans are beauty conscious and this definition of beauty differs from individual to individual. We all (or most of us) love to see beautiful things around us and also appreciate their presence. Definition of beauty changes drastically from person to person and I think that's why it's said  that beauty lies in eyes of the beholder....therefore one thing is clear that beauty is a man made concept like morality or religion, etc. it's different for different people, it depends how you look at things, what is your perspective, how you relate with things which you are looking at. There is not standard definition for beauty, one can say that whatever appeals or pleases to your mind is beautiful for you.

Today I see obsession in females about size zero figure, high heels and many other things which are supposed to make them look beautiful. Same thing is true with men who want waxed bodies, looking like those Greek statues. To cater this mentality there are almost racial advertisements selling fairness cream which try to say that having fair skin means more beautiful compared to dark skin?? Nothing wrong in being fashion conscious or having desire to look beautiful but it's a problem when you stereotype the term 'beautiful' and try to fit yourself in that description somehow. All this so called glamour and aggressive advertisement on internet and television has changed the concept of physical beauty totally, females are starving themselves to look thin, boys are taking steroids to look muscular, high heels to certain extend are OK but if you look at some of high heels girls wear now a days its impossible to imagine to stand after wearing them I wonder how people walk after wearing them. Our definition and conception of beauty is heavily conditioned and influenced by the images we see on those posters, magazines, advertisements, movies...we only think particular body shape, color or height is beautiful all other is substandard and should be altered by whatever means possible to match those so called standards to qualify as beautiful. Even if we look at the images of most gods and goddesses in India, they never look old, they are all in so called perfect physical shape and  are visibly attractive.

According to me everyone has to find their own comfortable zone, with which they are fine with their weight and looks. It should be a healthy weight range, it should not be 20 kg above or bellow recommended body weight for person's height and age. The concept of fair skin being more beautiful than dark is so ridiculous and racist, I hope many people who think like this get over with their extreme obsession with fair skin, it really sucks. Many girls in India or in some Asian countries suffer just because of their skin color, they fail to get proper match in marriage market, fair skin groom fetches better price in same market compared to dark skinned groom just because of his skin color, if this is not racism what is it?

It's true that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, but some companies and their allies are trying to prejudice the vision of that beholder and they are getting quite successful in this, I feel that's not right. For me everyone is beautiful and I have not seen a ugly person (in physical terms) in my life and I don't think I will see any.

Thanks for reading and please share your views.

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  1. Interesting points raised in this topic. I will particularly comment about a "beauty is a man made concept". I feel beauty (or rather appreciating beauty) is a feeling. If beauty is a man made "CONCEPT" then I would say all other feelings such as love, hate, pain, happiness etc. are also have to be man made concepts.

  2. feeling of appreciating beauty or any other feeling is not man made, but the concept of beauty or the definition of what is beautiful and what is not is man made. All feelings which we get are natural (live, hate or happiness) all animals also get these feelings. I want to discuss here about stereotyping certain things as beautiful and certain things as ugly....its all relative..there is no standard definition of beauty, morality or justice...these all are man made concepts...even though feelings are natural because of heavy conditioning of our mind hardly we get any natural feelings..

  3. I totally agree with this point that they are relative. In fact, I feel that we live in a relative world. EVERYTHING THAT WE THINK, SPEAK, READ AND UNDERSTAND IS RELATIVE, ISN'T IT?
    For example, lets say one says/writes something on a certain topic based on his mind set and experience of life. When other person comes across the same document, he interpret/reads that document with his own mind set and based on his experience about that topic!!? Probably that's how different opinions/thoughts arises!!?

    1. you are right Nitin..thats how different opinions originate...and thats why we need to share and discuss our thoughts so that we know the other side of the story also..

  4. What is Real Beauty ?
    Can anyone write blog in this topic in HINDI LANGUAGE.