Monday, July 31, 2017

Diversity in communication.

"She sounds very grumpy."
"Be careful while talking with him, he doesn't like to talk with people."
"You have very strong Indian accent."
Many of us either make such statements or hear them daily during our day to day interactions with people around us. We all expect to have some homogeneity in our surroundings as far as communication styles are concerned. Most progressive societies welcome diversity of race, gender, and socioeconomic background; but when it comes to communication they want some homogeneity. Maybe this desire comes for the sake of maintaining the clarity or making sure that message is delivered effectively. In my family, my parents and I spoke different languages with each other. We perfectly understood each other, but never felt the need to communicate in same language, I know this is not very common. Actually, I never realized we were doing this until one day I realized this unique aspect of my family. My parents never forced their mother tongue on me, I also didn't insist that my kids should speak my mother tongue. My mother tongue is Marathi, and my wife's is, Bhojpuri, but our kids speak Hindi and English, they don't know either Marathi or Bhojpuri. Diversity in communication is not only a noticeable fact in today's world, but it is a need of today's world. Mobility of people has increased a lot, people move around the world for their education, employment, in search of better and safer place. This results in a formation of very diverse societies. Such societies are not only diverse in race, culture, religion, but also in the ways people communicate with each other. 

Different people have different styles of communication; some like to talk a lot, and some are very stringent with their word use. Some people are loud, and some are very soft spoken. Everyone has some sort of accent, either it is a local accent or a non local, therefore, I never considered having an accent an issue. Our accent is our identity, that's the unique way we speak. I never tried to change my accent and never expected that someone else should change their accent just to sound familiar to my ears. In a same way, different people have different ways to express themselves; some might appear aggressive, and some really mild. But, this all doesn't mean that one way is better than other. These all are different ways which people chose to communicate with others. Each way has its own flavor and its own specialty, we should learn to enjoy this diversity rather than trying to bring some artificial homogeneity. Try to understand others, be patient, recognize the beauty of diversity in communication, and then you will start enjoying every accent and every style of communication. 

Diversity in communication is very beautiful thing, as beautiful as diversity in opinions and diversity in population, let's embrace it.

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