Friday, April 8, 2016

Everyone is not born special, but we all can become one.

The tagline "everyone is special" sounds very good to hear, it is meant to be very motivational and inspiring for all of us. According to me this tern is heavily overused, especially motivational speakers use this a lot. But is it really inspiring? Or it is very confusing or even misleading? Many speakers who use this term want to make people feel good, they want their audience to think that everyone of them is equipped with special qualities and they should feel very proud about it. Actually, if we use the biological criteria, we all are unique, our fingerprints are different, we have different retina patterns, everyone's genome is unique, so in many ways we all are unique and special but that is not what this 'special' means. It hints that we all have some special talent or quality which makes each one of us a specially gifted person, I think this is not entirely true. Such statements sound very sweet and are made with extremely good intentions to motivate us or to make us feel better, but I feel many times they can also be very misleading.

Many of us fail to acquire any noticeable special talent when we complete our education. We acquire some professional degree or certificate, but not each one of us can claim that we are specially gifted in that area. We can list various reasons for this, we can even blame the school system for not providing a very conducive environment to spot and groom any such special talent but this is what happens with most of us. Actually very few people are born with some unique talent and even if we have very few of us have the capacity to understand very early in life about that special talent. It is not easy for many of us to figure out our true interests and start working passionately towards some definite goal very early in our lives. Not everyone can become a dancer and singer like Michael Jackson or a basketball player like Michael Jordon or cricketer like Sachin Tendulkar or singer like Lata Mangeshkar or Elvis Presley, there are very few people like them who realize very early in their life about the mission of their life and work tirelessly towards it. Most of us struggle to find the actual area of interest where we can utilize our skills, many of us struggle even to realize what type of unique skills we have. For most of us it is a very long journey to figure out what is that area where we can excel. Our education system, society and many times our parents make us to fit into various stereotypes and try to guide us to what they think is good and proper for us. This leaves most of us thinking about various options at various stages of our life. Some of us might think being a doctor is a great idea just because our parents are very successful doctors, in a similar way some of us might think being a lawyer or an engineer or an actor or politician is a great option without even evaluating whether we possess all required set of qualities to be successful in that profession. But I strongly believe that no matter what area or profession we choose, we can become successful in that area by working hard. It requires lots of hard work, patience and practice to achieve success in any field. Even all so called naturally gifted successful people from every field practice hard and go through very rigorous training to achieve phenomenal success in their respective fields.  Malcolm Gladwell has written about this phenomena very nicely in his book 'Outliers', the chapter about '10,000-hour rule' is a very interesting read, he has tried to explain the importance of practice to master any technique or talent we want to acquire.

I believe that even though we all are not born special, but each one of us has the ability to become special by our hard work and dedication. We all can acquire greatness, it is not a gift or genetic trait which we either possess or don't possess but it is an achievable thing. Just by thinking we are special we might feel good about ourselves, but to achieve it we need to work hard. Even a natural gift or a talent without proper practice and hard training can only help to a limited extent, we need to put lot of efforts to achieve our dreams. Let's work hard to achieve that specialness, we may not be that special today but definitely everyone of us can become one by our hard work and sincere efforts. Let the journey begin.

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  1. hello man Please tel me about osho, Bruce Lee,, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley,,JFK and Malcolm X please what these are jews illuminati?

    1. What you want to know about these people?? They all were extremely talented individuals who mastered their craft with hard work and practice.