Saturday, March 5, 2016

This amazing journey continues...

Four years ago, my first post was published on this blog. I never imagined that I will continue writing regularly for so long but with your support and encouragement I did manage to do that and here we are celebrating fourth anniversary of this blog. This journey is one of the most joyful and rewarding experiences of my life. I want to thank all readers for making this experience so special. My special thanks to people who share their views by posting their comments, you all make this blog more meaningful and please continue to share your views here or on whatever platform you feel appropriate as they all are important and valuable. I feel it is important for all of us to share our views so that various issues and problems get debated and discussed. Debates and discussions are important instruments of any democratic society which aspires for continuous progress. I guess we all agree that our world is still facing so many serious problems and only we can solve them by sharing our ideas which might result in some solution. We all might propose radically different ways to solve some of these problems but unless we debate and discuss about it we will never know which one is the best or most amicable way to tackle these issues. So please be vocal about your opinions and participate in discussions whenever possible. I agree that there is so much chaos on social media where many times discussion turns into some sort of street fight with lot of mud slinging and personal insults. It gets so bad that many times it is impossible to have any sensible discussion on those forums. We should not get discouraged by such scenario, rather this is why we need to generate more forums where one can have sensible and rational discussions. We need to understand difference between discussion and argument, let's try to focus more on constructive discussions rather than verbal spats. There is nothing wrong to engage in argument as many times it can be fun and might help us to hone our argumentative skills but we should be also aware that rarely they contribute towards generating any meaningful outcome. 

I am sure readers must have noticed reduced frequency of my posts during last year or so, I did that purposely to avoid being repetitive and also as I got busy in some other things. I am passionate about certain issues but I understand that it will be very annoying if I keep on writing about those issues every week, that doesn't mean I will stop writing about them but I will try to do in a way where I don't look very repetitive. I am also not interested in commenting about each and every sensational topic which is sensationalized beyond limits by various media houses. Many of these things don't deserve my attention and time. Now a days every other day something sensational erupts out of media houses all over the world. The battle for high TRPs and to attract maximum traffic on their websites has forced these many news organizations to present each and every news in such a sensational way that even trivial incidents generate hysterical public response. I think people need to relax little and think rationally before reacting so hysterically about such news items. Social media and various other online platforms have given us great opportunity and tremendous power to share our opinions, we all need to make proper use of this opportunity. I am sure as people get acquainted with merits and demerits of these discussions they will slowly become more mature and start using these platforms to their advantage. Once we pass through transition phase and people learn how to use and not misuse these things then many of these side effects will wane away. Then this phenomena will be more beneficial to our society, it will also help various governing bodies to feel the pulse of public opinions and act accordingly. This marvelous technological revolution has also given opportunity to many writers to express their ideas freely without being dependent on any publisher to reach readers. I believe this has definitely helped to break the monopoly of those few gifted and powerful personalities who used to rule the opinion world as only they used to have access to very limited resources available back then like news papers and book publishing houses to express their opinions. I think this is one of the biggest changes social media has brought in the field of opinion exchange. One can debate about pros and cons about this changed ecosystem but this has definitely created a huge shift in the way public opinion is formed and used in today's world.

Please continue your support and encouragement, and also please continue to express your opinions. Let's debate and discuss. Let's try to fix what is wrong and try to preserve what is right. Let's ask questions and try to find answers. Let's learn to agree to disagree sometimes and let's also learn to respect everyone's right to express their opinions.

Thanks for reading and please share your views on this topic.

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