Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mother Teresa's miraculous path to sainthood.

When I read news that Mother Teresa is on her way to become a 'catholic saint' I couldn't decide whether to feel happy or sad. I am a great admirer of her amazing humanitarian work which she did in India, actually her work speaks for itself about her greatness so I wonder why at she needed these random incidents under the name of miracles to get the title of 'saint'. But it seems minimum two miracles are required to be declared as a ' catholic saint', I don't know on what basis they came up with the number '2' but that seems to be the criteria. So even after all that great work which she did most of her life it was not good enough to qualify her to become a saint, and now finally she got that dearly required second miracle recently which cleared her path to become a catholic saint. Seriously Pope? you need such trivial miracles which are random incidents to declare someone like her a saint? I am really stunned to know that church authorities need some sort of non reproducible random incidents (so called miracles) to declare some one like Mother Teresa a saint, can they please explain why her exemplary work is not enough for that? I feel astonished by all this because I come from part of India which has produced many sants (equivalent of saint in Marathi) like, Dyaneshwar, Tukaram, Eknath, Namdev and many others. Actually to be fair with Vatican people there are some miracles attributed to some of these people which according to me are clearly work of fiction. Miracles are attributed just to emphasize their greatness to some people who may not be able to understand the real importance of their work. That is why according to me all of them are not saints (or sant) because they did some miracles but for their scholarly work in the field of devotional literature or for carrying our social reforms or for their humanitarian work. May be many centuries back people needed some sort of stories about different miracles to understand greatness of someone but in today's world why we need such things which we know are some random incidents. Today how believable is the news that someone with multiple brain tumors prayed for her and got cured? Now for a moment let's assume if this is really true then is it recommended for all those who are undergoing medical treatments for similar disease to stop those treatments and start praying to her or someone else with a hope of getting cured. Why not? Actually people do pray whenever they are in deep trouble or when they see no other option, but they do this for their mental satisfaction there is no much logic behind this as there is no data to prove that prayers are as effective as medicines. But people do have habit of praying and many also feel that their prayers produce desired results, but there is no proof for these things. Such psychological boost can work in some cases, actually in medical science there is a phenomena called 'placebo effect' which describes similar scenario, but it is not considered as a miracle.

I wrote one blog post about her many months back, even though I am admirer of her work, her intentions and motives behind her work are questioned by some people. These questions or objections might sound unreasonable to her admirers like me but they are there and one needs to acknowledge their existence. But my main objections to this miracle thing is what is the real purpose behind attributing such lame miracles to anyone? Don't they know that such things spread superstition among people? Especially who are very vulnerable to believe in such things, for such people anything coming from their religious authority is absolute truth and this is dangerous. Superstition is already a huge problem in many societies and if powerful religious institutions like catholic church are instrumental in spreading these things so blatantly then I wonder how can a society can dream of getting rid of these social evils? This is absolutely disturbing to see that they are talking about miracles where some diseases are cured in today's scientific era. I absolutely have no problem with declaring Mother Teresa a saint or God or angel or whatever they want but I have strong objection over so called miracles attributed to her. This is very clear case of superstition, just because something happened randomly or can't be explained by current set of rules doesn't mean it is a miracle. Many years back things like lunar eclipses or even rainbows were considered as miracles by some God but not any more. I think it is a responsibility of any responsible and powerful institution not to propagate culture of falsehood or superstition. This drama of miracle is really not necessary for giving sainthood to a great lady like Mother Teresa, people like her or Baba Amte are great human beings. We can call them saint, god, angel just because of their amazing work, they don't need any crutches of miracles to prove their greatness. I hope people understand this and give well deserved respect to these individuals which they totally deserve because of their superb work not some stupid miracles.

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