Friday, December 18, 2015

An open letter to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal

Dear Arvind,
It was really surprising if not shocking to see you shouting angry slurs at BJP and Mr. Modi on national TV and also on Twitter. I really thought that you learned your lesson from your horrible outburst against Mr. Prashant Bhushan and Mr. Yogendra Yadav which was revealed immediately after your party's spectacular victory in Delhi assembly elections. We all can disagree with others or even can have serious difference of opinion on various matters or criticize each other very strongly without being abusive towards each other. I was under impression that may be finally after that mistake you learned to control your anger, at least in public. But it seems that lesson is long forgotten and you are back with your 'angry young man' avatar that has very little regard for choice of words while expressing his anger. While I totally agree that you have complete freedom to say whatever you want, after all right of freedom of expression comes with right to offend, but I never imagined that you will take it to the extent that it will sound like abuse. Actually frankly speaking my love affair with AAP ended long back, immediately after you decided to resign after 45 days of your brief tenure as Delhi CM. I should accept that I was attracted to your political party because of presence of wide variety of people from different backgrounds who doesn't necessarily subscribe to single ideology. It was interesting mix and generated some hope in people like me that may be people with different set of ideas also can come together and create something unique which can challenge traditional norms of Indian politics and frankly you guys managed to do that but that phenomena was very short lived. I still agree that your party is somewhat different than all other political parties in India but that difference is very minute and the gap is narrowing day by day but yes, still it is somewhat different.

Now, coming back to this particular incident, I agree that Mr. Modi or central NDA government misused power in their hand, I also agree that CBI was in past and still today is used as a tool to settle political scores or strike political deals but didn't you already know all this? Didn't you voluntarily signed up for this job and willingly entered murky arena of Indian politics after knowing all these facts? Or somehow in your wildest dreams you believed that these things won't happen with you and your government? So assuming that even if Mr. Modi or BJP showed their cowardliness and vengeance why you didn't show your bravery and sensible nature by facing that inquiry or raid like any common citizen of India? Why you think that your office is so special that CBI needs to take your permission to raid it if it feels necessary to raid it? If according to you Mr. Modi is a coward  or a psychopath then who are you? A brave CM who is crying foul just for a single raid conducted on his office by using such a foul language? Or is it the case that as a CM of Delhi you expect to be treated differently that any other citizen of India? I still remember that you and your party as well as most leaders of other political parties saying on multiple occasions that you all are servants of common people of India, you all claim to be against that VIP culture. But it seems this rhetoric is only true until you guys win the election and get the power, once you are in government then you all become those VIPs, expect some special treatment and start behaving like a privileged entity. I think you know this but in case you forgot let me remind you that many common people in India go through some of these ordeals of search, raids and arrests everyday without creating any fuss. Many of them go through this as a consequences of their criminal acts but believe me many are put through this for no fault of theirs but they all go through this and believe that system will do justice with them. They believe in same system of which you are also a part now. They don't ask for any special treatment so what you have to say now about no VIP culture and everyone should be treated in same way? I know, that now you or your supporters will argue that then why X CM's office was not raided or why Y scam was not investigated, I agree that there is often selective investigations and political vendetta in some cases. People are raising questions about these things and these things should be questioned in proper way. But if there are some allegations against one of officers in your office then why not to investigate him? Why to put condition that first investigate X and Y and then come to me or my staff? What happened to claim that we will not tolerate any corruption or shelter any corrupt officer slogan, was it just a chunavi jumla, a gimmick to win election, just like your esteemed opponents use many of them in every election? If it was then at least let people know about it, so they stop wondering about such type of behavior.

If you expected that nothing of this sort will happen to you or your political opponents won't play any dirty games with you or they will deal with you using kid gloves or politics will change overnight then I must say that I am amazed by your naiveness. Similar things have happened in past and I am sure they will happen in future also but it is you who promised to bring the change of culture but it seems that now you are trying really hard to fit right into that same culture which you opposed as an activist. Your choice of words was not only wrong but I am sure it was disheartening for many of your supporters to hear these things coming out from you. Actually it puts you in same line of people who called you traitor, Pakistani agent, bhagoda, naxal and what not. I am sure you must be enjoying their company as you really tried very hard to be part of that group. Those people also used abusive language and displayed very low level of personal vendetta and what you did was no different. I would not have bothered to write this mail few months back but recently I thought your government was back on track as you guys were really doing some good work, initiating discussions about relevant topics like pollution and air quality of Indian cities but then this happened. It is like going 5 steps forward and 10 steps backward.

I don't want to make my letter too long and too preachy. I am also not nhere to tell you what to do and what not to do, I am sure you know this better than me. I just raised few questions and I hope you bother to think about them and introspect a little. Let me end by citing a very relevant example for you, I am sure you know the name of Sachin Tendulkar. This man is considered as a great cricketer not just for number of records he broke or runs he scored but also for his temperament, consistency, sincerity and on field behavior. There are equally great players as far as statistics or records are concerned from his era or eras before and after him, many of them are very aggressive not only while playing cricket but while dealing with other players on field and some of them are even known to be extremely abusive during their on field behavior. Sachin is different from all those because he never engaged in on field verbal spats, it is not that he was not abused or people never tried to intimidate him or he was not targeted, opponents from all teams tried all sort of tactics but this man answered all that not with his mouth but with his bat by scoring runs. His performance answered those insults thrown at him, no doubt that he needed to produce very high quality performance consistently to deal with on ground sledging and this is one of the reasons why I consider him as a great cricketer. I hope this example inspires you to do something different from now onward. Because it is of no use just to claim that you are different, you also need to show that in your behavior.

All the very best and take care.

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