Friday, September 25, 2015

Please don't trivialize abortion, it's already a very difficult decision.

Next US presidential election is due next year, so candidate selection process in both major parties (democrats and republican) has already started. It is always interesting to listen to these primaries as well as presidential election debates. They cover lot of political, social, economical and health related issues. Abortion is one of the favorite topics of all these debates specially in republican debates where somehow this topic is not discussed in health or medical section but it is discussed along with faith and religion. I don't understand why they or for that matter anyone tries to link this medical or if some one is adamant not putting under medical section then one can say social or public health issue along with religion or faith? What has one's religion has to do with decision of abortion? Does anyone's religion has to do anything with when, where and with whom to have sexual intercourse?  Then how come a product of unprotected sexual intercourse becomes issue of faith? There are pro-life and pro-choice people, some groups oppose abortion altogether, some allow it if mother's life is in danger, some support it as personal choice. So there are various views on this particular topic and most of them trivialize this very serious personal problem to suit their own political motives.

Issue of abortion and state or federal funding of clinics where this procedure is performed is so sensitive and touchy that there are very polarized opinions about this. Some conservative people are so sensitive that they go to an extent of calling each and every abortion 'a murder'!! Actually each and every sexual intercourse between sexually matured male and female has a probability of conception. Actually it is comforting to see that these people at least don't call use of contraceptives as a murder because contraceptives also interfere with natural fertilization process thereby avoid unwanted pregnancies. Fertilization is a very natural biological process, as far as humans are concerned it happens whenever sperm meets egg, it doesn't matter how. Whether it is consensual sex or not any released sperm has a capacity to fertilize an egg, sex between underage kids can also result in this, heinous crimes like rapes also can result in fertilization of eggs or one can do it in lab (in vitro fertilization). There is nothing divine or supernatural in this process like all other animals we also mate and reproduce, it is as simple as that. But unwanted or underage pregnancies can have huge effect on physical and mental health of that woman, she should at least get a choice to decide about her body and health.

To have a child or not is entirely that woman's choice, nature has given her that capacity, at the same time to continue with pregnancy or not should be her decision, after all it is her body and her health. Who is the society to decide about it? What right society has on woman's or man's body? Society can offer counselling or sex education or run awareness programs to avoid unwanted or underage pregnancies but at the end it should be that individual's choice. Just because there is a possibility of generation of life which again I should mention is a pure biological phenomena, this issue is blown out of proportion. Decision to abort a pregnancy is not a easy one, it is extremely painful and difficult decision for all people involved in it. This decision takes a toll on physical and mental health of that couple, specially it is harsh on a woman, very few can imagine or understand about stress and trauma associated with it. By making it a part of political debate we are not making things easy for them but as a society we are giving some people a chance to use this issue which is a reason for personal and emotional turmoil of some people as a tool to score some political points. Trivializing issue of abortion on political level is one of the most disgusting thing I ever experienced. People have right to raise any issue they want there is no doubt about it, this is integral part of any democratic society. But health issues should be discussed in health forums with all concerned parties involved, I really find it amazing to see bunch of men taking decisions about woman's health or talking about morality aspects of abortion. Let women decide about the issues related with their health. Pregnancy is a biological phenomena, it is a health issue not a political problem. I hope people understand the difference between a political issue and health issue and act accordingly. I am sure no one takes any pleasure in going for abortion, as I said it is already a very tough and painful decision so if you can't provide any comfort or help then at least please don't make it more painful and difficult.

Thanks for reading and please share your views on this topic.

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