Monday, September 14, 2015

Please don't bring morality in diet.

Food habits of humans is evergreen topic for many debates and discussions. We all debate which food is more healthy, advantages and disadvantages of vegetarian, non vegetarian or vegan diet. Lot of research is also going on about effects of various type of diets and food habits on human health. There are may types of dietary habits in world but it can be mainly divided mainly into two classes; vegetarian (people who don't eat meat) and non-vegetarian (people who eat meat). Actually if we look at the human history, as a species we are mostly omnivorous, this means we can eat both plants as well as meat. Actually ability to eat almost anything is a huge advantage of our species and a  can be considered as one of the major reasons for our advancement to one of the most dominant species of this planet. Herbivorous and carnivorous animals have very specialized teeth, jaws and digestive systems, it is not that easy for them to switch their diets but we can shift from one to other very easily. But this is not the topic of my post today. In fact the is it appropriate to bring morality while discussing various food habits is the topic of discussion. Very often vegetarian people argue on this point, some how they feel that there is no killing of living thing is involved in preparing their food, but the fundamental basis of non-vegetarian food is violence, so they have moral upper hand as far as diet is concerned. Many of them argue that this is why it is not appropriate to eat meat. If anyone argues about diet based on health benefits then it is perfectly legitimate and rational argument but I have a problem when people bring morality in judging others food habits. Eating meat is a widely accepted food habit all over the world, this is a part of human culture for thousands of years, judging it based on morality compass is wrong. The truth is that every living thing survives at the cost of other living thing.

I have observed that most non-vegetarian people try as much as possible to take care of convenience of vegetarian people, they make sure that there are some vegetarian options available in case some one doesn't eat meat. But rarely favor is returned from vegetarians to non-veg people, one can easily understand why? Because most veg people make diet a part of their belief system not a personal choice, most of them think it is not moral to serve or eat non-veg food, so there is a sort of contempt and rejection towards non-veg food from their side. Most of non-veg people are fine with this discrimination and hardly they complain. Anyone can check this themselves if they want, any non-veg person easily eats veg diet if there is no non-veg option available but it will be tough to find example other way round. Anyway it is not good to force anyone to eat any type of food if they don't want to, but somehow meaning of this sentence is taken as it is not proper to force anyone to eat meat but it is perfectly OK to force someone to eat vegetables. Funny thing is that most non-veg people are OK with it. It is not considered as sad or inhuman if we see a person who consumes meat on daily basis eating vegetables as there is no meat available but reverse picture will sure will attract much more outrage and sympathy. One can hear about several meat bans but have anyone ever heard about some vegetable ban? Is it a example of double standard or we really think that meat eating is such a evil habit? If it is a evil habit them why there are so many meat eaters on our planet and why it is not completely illegal in any country? I understand appeal and protest of animal lovers against animal killings. They have right to do so. In same manure I know many people who love plants, I wonder what will be reaction of all of us who eat plants if plant lovers request us to stop killing and eating plants for our own benefit or object to plant killings?

I am personally 99% vegetarian, I eat meat rarely and mostly outside my home. My diet is strictly my personal choice,several factors like geographical location, availability of food, my likes, dislikes and health concerns dictate what type of food I eat. I don't judge anyone based on what type of food they eat, I don't force my food habits on anyone and don't like anyone to force theirs on me. I respect other's food choices and expect same in return, if they are not willing to respect my choices I feel no obligation to respect their choices. It is a matter of mutual respect, rather respect has to be mutual, one way respect or love never works. Many of these animals and plants are produced because there is huge demand for them in market, if there is no demand all these plant and animal farms will be closed so either way their survival is in danger no matter if people eat them or not. I don't think many people who argue against veg or non-veg diet understand this fact. What I eat or wear is my personal choice and as I am free to chose these things others are also free. I have no right to impose my choices on others and others also should not do this. This is very simple rule to follow I don't understand why people find so hard to understand it.

Thanks for reading and please share your views on this topic.

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