Friday, September 18, 2015

Fanaticism is dangerous, avoid it.

We can find fanatics in each and every field, no field can claim to be untouched by fanatics. Actually fanaticism is spreading so rapidly that even so called liberals and tolerant people seem to be so aggressive that they sound fanatic about their views this attitude leaves no scope for discussion. The mind set that 'you are either with us or against us' is rapidly becoming very popular among people across the world. Very few are interested in real debate and exchange of ideas, mostly people are interested in delivering their own views and ideas. They don't want feed back or counter argument or alternate view about topic but only want to receive agreement or acceptance. Even so called big political leaders are falling prey to such mindset, that is why I say that this increasing spread of fanaticism is dangerous. Specially on social media this attitude is very clearly evident. Actually this platform provided to us by internet is amazing platform to have various discussions with people across the world. One can discuss any topic with anyone, anywhere on this planet if they have simple internet connecting devise like computer or smartphone. Many people are making use of this technology and sharing their ideas with each other, but at the same time many of them are becoming more intolerant if anyone questions them. Discussions quickly turn into arguments and arguments into verbal fights which then doesn't produce any desired result. The danger is mainly because this reduces scope for any sensible discussion. The major sign of fanaticism is that people don't like disagreements, they are not very welcoming or tolerant towards alternate views and ideas, they show contempt towards other side's views and total lack of respect. Another aspect of fanatics is that they are not interested in convincing the next person but they are interested in defeating them and proving them wrong at any cost. Normally these people are very passionate about their beliefs, there is nothing wrong in being passionate about anything but to become overly aggressive and intolerant is definitely not right.

Free exchange of views or ideas in one of the necessary feature of any tolerant and progressive society but I think slowly we are loosing this very good quality. Tolerance is not a sign of weakness, it requires lot of strength and patience to be tolerant with other's views even if you don't agree with them. As I said liberals or conservatives all are falling for this useless habit. This attitude leads into intolerance and that results in highly polarized society. Polarization stops flow of ideas, it creates barriers which are often difficult to break. People stop talking with each other and start talking about each other that too only bad stuff. This creates very unhealthy and regressive environment. I understand that many people are very passionate about many issues and they want to convey their ideas as assertively as possible, but there is difference between being assertive and fanatically aggressive, one can be assertive in their argument without being overly aggressive. Actually people should understand that fanaticism doesn't help their own cause, rarely people from other side yield to fanatic arguments. They don't get convinced at all unless there is some other compelling reason like threat to life, etc. Discussions and arguments are integral part of any progressive society but they need to be carried out in very healthy and conducive environment. Previously this trait was limited to certain people who used to be brainwashed by certain religions or sects but now this habit is spreading rapidly all across the section of society and we need to spread awareness about this. We need to be aware of our own behavior and check from time to time that we are not becoming fanatic in propagating our own views. Discussions and negotiations are best way to solve any complicated or sensitive issue but fanaticism shuts doors for both these options. As a society we need to talk to each other and discuss our differences then only we can solve many complicated problems we face today. I hope people become more tolerant towards each other's views. Tolerance doesn't mean one has to accept those views but just try to listen to them and try to understand the reason behind those views. I know it is not a easy task but it is worth out time and efforts, rather it is easy to become fanatic, so don't take easier route as easy doesn't always means good.

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  1. The modern man is losing on patience and wants quick and easy answers...this is a bad change and damaging for posterity...