Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I don't miss festivals like Ganeshotsav at all.

Ganapati festival or Ganeshotsav was recently concluded in India, actually it is very big festival in Maharashtra from where I come. As a kid and part of my teenage years I was actively involved in this festival, like most of kids of my age I also enjoyed dancing during visarjan processions, singing aartis (devotional songs), shouting slogans, etc. But as I grew older and saw the real face of these festivals, observed what goes on behind the scenes, how much inconvenience and waste of resources it results and ultimately understood its impact on environment I was shocked and I got disconnected with all these type of festivals. In our neighborhood there were two major festivals Ganapati festival and Durga pooja. I never missed any of them in last 12 years or so rather I really feel happy that I don't have to witness all that nonsense which is carried out in name of these festivals. When I was in Pune it really made me angry and resulted in lot of frustration to watch all these things happening right in front of my eyes. And before anyone jumps to any conclusions let me also mention that I know that there are some who celebrate these festivals in very simple and private manure with utmost care not to hurt environment around them, so I am not talking about these people. These are honorable exceptions, but I am talking about most others, specially these public mandals who want to create some grand display of their bhakti and devotion. Actually I am against this grand display of anything at public inconvenience, be it some political rally, religious ceremony, marriage procession or anything. Why people feel the need to demonstrate their love or devotion in a way which can result in tremendous inconvenience to others? I particularly dislike those marriage processions in India, they are totally ridiculous, music is too loud, people dance like crazy and they block the traffics for no reason, it is really great that they have some rules and regulations now to control all this nonsense.

I am sure there are ways to express devotional or religious feelings peacefully or in a manure which won't cause any inconvenience to others. I would love to be a part of such celebrations, community gatherings and celebrations are important part of social life in any society. But some how people don't like such peaceful ways, in name of culture or religion or tradition they want to follow same age old rituals which seems to have very little concern about their surroundings or people who don't want to be part of that particular event. It is quite possible that these festivals were not like this when they started but deteriorated to this extent over the time. The problem is any objection to such behavior results in some kind of law and order situation, that particular group claims that their religious feelings are hurt and many times this results in communal violence. This is why almost all governments just prefer to ignore these things and allow them to continue. For me it was really a torture to watch these things, I always wondered how come those loud songs or excessive lighting or crazy dancing and shouting or hooliganism while collecting donations for these festivals displays feeling of devotion in any way? Why these people fail to think about infants, very young kids or senior people who might suffer because of the loud noise which their speakers are making? Why they fail to understand that it is not proper to block the road to raise tent and cause inconvenience to hundreds of commuters every day? Why many of them insist immersing those idols in sea, river or pond even after knowing that it causes water pollution? There are many questions like this and I am glad that now there are many people who are raising these questions. I am also happy to see that there are some who are working towards persuading people from donating these idols rather than immersing them in water. There is no doubt that all these festivals need serious reforms, they need to adapt the needs and requirements of current era, no matter from which religion they belong. But I know that it is not easy and is not going to happen so soon, there are people who want to continue with these things without any concern about others around them or about environment. I am glad that I am away from all this. I wish all the best to all people who are working hard to reform these traditions, they are really doing very difficult and important job and I salute them. I don't miss Ganeshotsav or any other festival celebrated in a way they celebrate them today. I am more than happy to stay away from these things. But I still feel sad to see the wastage of resources and really hope that these reformist people will be able to convince government to implement some laws which can minimize effect of such behavior on environment and reduce inconvenience caused to people.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Please don't trivialize abortion, it's already a very difficult decision.

Next US presidential election is due next year, so candidate selection process in both major parties (democrats and republican) has already started. It is always interesting to listen to these primaries as well as presidential election debates. They cover lot of political, social, economical and health related issues. Abortion is one of the favorite topics of all these debates specially in republican debates where somehow this topic is not discussed in health or medical section but it is discussed along with faith and religion. I don't understand why they or for that matter anyone tries to link this medical or if some one is adamant not putting under medical section then one can say social or public health issue along with religion or faith? What has one's religion has to do with decision of abortion? Does anyone's religion has to do anything with when, where and with whom to have sexual intercourse?  Then how come a product of unprotected sexual intercourse becomes issue of faith? There are pro-life and pro-choice people, some groups oppose abortion altogether, some allow it if mother's life is in danger, some support it as personal choice. So there are various views on this particular topic and most of them trivialize this very serious personal problem to suit their own political motives.

Issue of abortion and state or federal funding of clinics where this procedure is performed is so sensitive and touchy that there are very polarized opinions about this. Some conservative people are so sensitive that they go to an extent of calling each and every abortion 'a murder'!! Actually each and every sexual intercourse between sexually matured male and female has a probability of conception. Actually it is comforting to see that these people at least don't call use of contraceptives as a murder because contraceptives also interfere with natural fertilization process thereby avoid unwanted pregnancies. Fertilization is a very natural biological process, as far as humans are concerned it happens whenever sperm meets egg, it doesn't matter how. Whether it is consensual sex or not any released sperm has a capacity to fertilize an egg, sex between underage kids can also result in this, heinous crimes like rapes also can result in fertilization of eggs or one can do it in lab (in vitro fertilization). There is nothing divine or supernatural in this process like all other animals we also mate and reproduce, it is as simple as that. But unwanted or underage pregnancies can have huge effect on physical and mental health of that woman, she should at least get a choice to decide about her body and health.

To have a child or not is entirely that woman's choice, nature has given her that capacity, at the same time to continue with pregnancy or not should be her decision, after all it is her body and her health. Who is the society to decide about it? What right society has on woman's or man's body? Society can offer counselling or sex education or run awareness programs to avoid unwanted or underage pregnancies but at the end it should be that individual's choice. Just because there is a possibility of generation of life which again I should mention is a pure biological phenomena, this issue is blown out of proportion. Decision to abort a pregnancy is not a easy one, it is extremely painful and difficult decision for all people involved in it. This decision takes a toll on physical and mental health of that couple, specially it is harsh on a woman, very few can imagine or understand about stress and trauma associated with it. By making it a part of political debate we are not making things easy for them but as a society we are giving some people a chance to use this issue which is a reason for personal and emotional turmoil of some people as a tool to score some political points. Trivializing issue of abortion on political level is one of the most disgusting thing I ever experienced. People have right to raise any issue they want there is no doubt about it, this is integral part of any democratic society. But health issues should be discussed in health forums with all concerned parties involved, I really find it amazing to see bunch of men taking decisions about woman's health or talking about morality aspects of abortion. Let women decide about the issues related with their health. Pregnancy is a biological phenomena, it is a health issue not a political problem. I hope people understand the difference between a political issue and health issue and act accordingly. I am sure no one takes any pleasure in going for abortion, as I said it is already a very tough and painful decision so if you can't provide any comfort or help then at least please don't make it more painful and difficult.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Ravish Kumar- a rare sensible voice from Indian news channel.

It is more than couple of years since I started following NDTV anchor and journalist Ravish Kumar, the only program from any Indian news channel show which I watch consistently is his show called 'prime time'. I also follow his blog Kasba, which is a Hindi blog where Ravish shares his personal opinions and experiences. His TV show is so familiar in our home that if my kids see me watching something on my tablet they by default think that I am watching Ravish's program, they also know his name, voice and face very well. I guess he is the only Indian news anchor which they can recognize by name and face. So what is so special about this person? Why the heck I am praising him so much and bothered to write a blog post about him? He is not even a English journalist or the someone to whom so called powerful and popular politicians from India even grant a one to one interview. There are many from same channel who are known to be very powerful and influential, they can manage to call so called big ministers and 'key people' on their show. No doubt that they all also have earned their reputation by their hard work and dedication but none of them are as unbiased as Ravish is. Actually it is not easy to be unbiased as more power comes in your hand, be it a power via politics or power via journalism or anything else. There are many journalists who are active members of some political party and still hold positions line editor in media houses. There are media houses whose political inclination is clearly known and one can easily see that bias in their reporting. There are people closely related with media who are members of Rajyasabha from some political party so how can one even expect them to remain unbiased?

There are quite a few reasons why I got attracted towards his show and watch it regularly, one of the major reasons is the diversity of the subjects he chose for his show. He dares to touch very simple but important subjects for common people which many other anchors don't even bother to mention because they are not controversial. Even during 2014 general elections of India his reporting was very different than all others. I think he is the only anchor who clearly says, "in this show I am going to present only one side of the story (this can be for so many reasons) and I request you to go and check other side of story as it is important to know both the sides". I think he is the one of the rare TV anchors who consistently accepts futility of having TV debates where people either shout at each other or give some politically correct answers which doesn't result in any desired result. He is one of those rare people who tell that don't believe in whatever I say just because I am a TV anchor, go and verify yourself and for your own opinions. He shares many interesting views, may be I got attracted to his show because I also share similar views. I guess if someone is looking for motivation to learn Hindi then his show is one of the great reason to learn it, as this show is exclusively in Hindi. His fearless reporting is another aspect, as I said he dares to touch the subjects which many others don't, so it makes his show unique in its own way. He raises many uncomfortable questions which very few politicians like to face, may be this is the reason why very few of them dare to give him an interview. When I heard about recent personal attacks on him on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter I really felt bad. This is also a sign of increasing intolerance and fanaticism in our society. Any sane voice which dares to raise difficult questions is not welcomed, rather every attempt is made to silence it. I am sure that Ravish won't get perturbed by such attacks but I can see that he is bothered about them. He sounds disturbed sometimes in his blog posts which is quite normal reaction from a sensitive person like him.

I have one personal request for Ravish, I know it is tough to be independent thinker but please keep on doing what you do best, that is to write your blog fearlessly and express your opinion. Please carry on with your TV show by reporting on various issues which are important for our society. I also understand that it is really hard to relax when you and your family gets attacked on social media for no fault of theirs. These goons are dangerous but I am sure you have strength to deal with them. You know very well that there are very few independent and sane voices left in media and you are one of them so it is very important for people like you to stay there. Please don't even think of quitting, there are many people like me who are willing to stand behind you. May be you can set a example for may misguided people, may be by watching you one day they all will realize that there are peaceful, democratic and civilized ways to raise their questions and objections. May be they will realize that it is not good idea to become fan of anyone (including you). So for all this to happen people like you should stay and continue doing their work. Thank you very much for your efforts, I and many people really appreciate it.

In general very few independent voices are left in Indian media and I hope Ravish continues to be independent. I am not his fan, rather I am no one's fan to support or follow anyone blindly. It can become really tough and sometimes really frustrating but carry on with your journey my friend and I expect to hear these lines regularly for many more years "नमश्कार, मैं रविश कुमार"

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Fanaticism is dangerous, avoid it.

We can find fanatics in each and every field, no field can claim to be untouched by fanatics. Actually fanaticism is spreading so rapidly that even so called liberals and tolerant people seem to be so aggressive that they sound fanatic about their views this attitude leaves no scope for discussion. The mind set that 'you are either with us or against us' is rapidly becoming very popular among people across the world. Very few are interested in real debate and exchange of ideas, mostly people are interested in delivering their own views and ideas. They don't want feed back or counter argument or alternate view about topic but only want to receive agreement or acceptance. Even so called big political leaders are falling prey to such mindset, that is why I say that this increasing spread of fanaticism is dangerous. Specially on social media this attitude is very clearly evident. Actually this platform provided to us by internet is amazing platform to have various discussions with people across the world. One can discuss any topic with anyone, anywhere on this planet if they have simple internet connecting devise like computer or smartphone. Many people are making use of this technology and sharing their ideas with each other, but at the same time many of them are becoming more intolerant if anyone questions them. Discussions quickly turn into arguments and arguments into verbal fights which then doesn't produce any desired result. The danger is mainly because this reduces scope for any sensible discussion. The major sign of fanaticism is that people don't like disagreements, they are not very welcoming or tolerant towards alternate views and ideas, they show contempt towards other side's views and total lack of respect. Another aspect of fanatics is that they are not interested in convincing the next person but they are interested in defeating them and proving them wrong at any cost. Normally these people are very passionate about their beliefs, there is nothing wrong in being passionate about anything but to become overly aggressive and intolerant is definitely not right.

Free exchange of views or ideas in one of the necessary feature of any tolerant and progressive society but I think slowly we are loosing this very good quality. Tolerance is not a sign of weakness, it requires lot of strength and patience to be tolerant with other's views even if you don't agree with them. As I said liberals or conservatives all are falling for this useless habit. This attitude leads into intolerance and that results in highly polarized society. Polarization stops flow of ideas, it creates barriers which are often difficult to break. People stop talking with each other and start talking about each other that too only bad stuff. This creates very unhealthy and regressive environment. I understand that many people are very passionate about many issues and they want to convey their ideas as assertively as possible, but there is difference between being assertive and fanatically aggressive, one can be assertive in their argument without being overly aggressive. Actually people should understand that fanaticism doesn't help their own cause, rarely people from other side yield to fanatic arguments. They don't get convinced at all unless there is some other compelling reason like threat to life, etc. Discussions and arguments are integral part of any progressive society but they need to be carried out in very healthy and conducive environment. Previously this trait was limited to certain people who used to be brainwashed by certain religions or sects but now this habit is spreading rapidly all across the section of society and we need to spread awareness about this. We need to be aware of our own behavior and check from time to time that we are not becoming fanatic in propagating our own views. Discussions and negotiations are best way to solve any complicated or sensitive issue but fanaticism shuts doors for both these options. As a society we need to talk to each other and discuss our differences then only we can solve many complicated problems we face today. I hope people become more tolerant towards each other's views. Tolerance doesn't mean one has to accept those views but just try to listen to them and try to understand the reason behind those views. I know it is not a easy task but it is worth out time and efforts, rather it is easy to become fanatic, so don't take easier route as easy doesn't always means good.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Please don't bring morality in diet.

Food habits of humans is evergreen topic for many debates and discussions. We all debate which food is more healthy, advantages and disadvantages of vegetarian, non vegetarian or vegan diet. Lot of research is also going on about effects of various type of diets and food habits on human health. There are may types of dietary habits in world but it can be mainly divided mainly into two classes; vegetarian (people who don't eat meat) and non-vegetarian (people who eat meat). Actually if we look at the human history, as a species we are mostly omnivorous, this means we can eat both plants as well as meat. Actually ability to eat almost anything is a huge advantage of our species and a  can be considered as one of the major reasons for our advancement to one of the most dominant species of this planet. Herbivorous and carnivorous animals have very specialized teeth, jaws and digestive systems, it is not that easy for them to switch their diets but we can shift from one to other very easily. But this is not the topic of my post today. In fact the is it appropriate to bring morality while discussing various food habits is the topic of discussion. Very often vegetarian people argue on this point, some how they feel that there is no killing of living thing is involved in preparing their food, but the fundamental basis of non-vegetarian food is violence, so they have moral upper hand as far as diet is concerned. Many of them argue that this is why it is not appropriate to eat meat. If anyone argues about diet based on health benefits then it is perfectly legitimate and rational argument but I have a problem when people bring morality in judging others food habits. Eating meat is a widely accepted food habit all over the world, this is a part of human culture for thousands of years, judging it based on morality compass is wrong. The truth is that every living thing survives at the cost of other living thing.

I have observed that most non-vegetarian people try as much as possible to take care of convenience of vegetarian people, they make sure that there are some vegetarian options available in case some one doesn't eat meat. But rarely favor is returned from vegetarians to non-veg people, one can easily understand why? Because most veg people make diet a part of their belief system not a personal choice, most of them think it is not moral to serve or eat non-veg food, so there is a sort of contempt and rejection towards non-veg food from their side. Most of non-veg people are fine with this discrimination and hardly they complain. Anyone can check this themselves if they want, any non-veg person easily eats veg diet if there is no non-veg option available but it will be tough to find example other way round. Anyway it is not good to force anyone to eat any type of food if they don't want to, but somehow meaning of this sentence is taken as it is not proper to force anyone to eat meat but it is perfectly OK to force someone to eat vegetables. Funny thing is that most non-veg people are OK with it. It is not considered as sad or inhuman if we see a person who consumes meat on daily basis eating vegetables as there is no meat available but reverse picture will sure will attract much more outrage and sympathy. One can hear about several meat bans but have anyone ever heard about some vegetable ban? Is it a example of double standard or we really think that meat eating is such a evil habit? If it is a evil habit them why there are so many meat eaters on our planet and why it is not completely illegal in any country? I understand appeal and protest of animal lovers against animal killings. They have right to do so. In same manure I know many people who love plants, I wonder what will be reaction of all of us who eat plants if plant lovers request us to stop killing and eating plants for our own benefit or object to plant killings?

I am personally 99% vegetarian, I eat meat rarely and mostly outside my home. My diet is strictly my personal choice,several factors like geographical location, availability of food, my likes, dislikes and health concerns dictate what type of food I eat. I don't judge anyone based on what type of food they eat, I don't force my food habits on anyone and don't like anyone to force theirs on me. I respect other's food choices and expect same in return, if they are not willing to respect my choices I feel no obligation to respect their choices. It is a matter of mutual respect, rather respect has to be mutual, one way respect or love never works. Many of these animals and plants are produced because there is huge demand for them in market, if there is no demand all these plant and animal farms will be closed so either way their survival is in danger no matter if people eat them or not. I don't think many people who argue against veg or non-veg diet understand this fact. What I eat or wear is my personal choice and as I am free to chose these things others are also free. I have no right to impose my choices on others and others also should not do this. This is very simple rule to follow I don't understand why people find so hard to understand it.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

It's not about meat ban silly...

Recent controversy about meat ban in Maharashtra is an ideal example of how appeasement politics works in India. Actually this not the first time anything is banned in India, we have a long history of banning books, movies, authors, different type of meats, etc. This is all done by different governments in name of not hurting sentiments of particular community or religion. Some times it is about sentiments attached with some animal like cow, sometimes it is about insult of some revered historical figure like Shivaji, sometimes it is about insult of some religious icons like Mohammad or Jesus or some goddess and sometimes it is about some religious festivals or rituals. In current case it is about respecting Jain ritual called 'Paryushan', as they are vegetarians and are against any type of violence some municipal corporations in Mumbai imposed ban on butchering of animals and selling meat for few days during Paryushan time to respect their sentiments. Surprisingly killing and selling of fish is not included in this ban, so I wonder if Jains consider fish as living thing or not, or is there any different logic which allows fish killing but not of chicken or goat? Actually one can find many technical mistakes in these types of ban orders but this is not the main point, this particular incident along with many other similar incidents in past expose the ultimate hypocrisy of Indian political class and society. 

Same political parties who were supporting beef ban to its core are now on roads opposing this particular meat ban, they are so adamant in their opposition that they are going to an extent of selling meat on their own on streets to register their protest against this ban. Now just imagine what would have reaction of same people if beef eaters who are again a minority in India would have done same thing. But we can ignore this for the time being as I already said this is not about meat ban at all, people who think the issue is about meat or religious sentiments are living in fools paradise. There is already a freedom to practice any religion guaranteed by constitution in India, this is all about appeasement politics not about any meat or book or any movie. Every political party has played this game and shamelessly say that they don't play any appeasement politics. Each one of them make huge hue and cry if someone else is playing this game for political gains but again shamelessly justify their own similar acts that too by citing instances in past which they themselves opposed. NDTV anchor Ravish has coined very proper term 'is equal to theory' for all these actions where every political outfit tries to justify their acts by claiming that in past also so and so party has also done this. Sad part is that supporters of all these parties participate in this drama without even realizing that they are becoming a part of a deeply hypocritical and regressive culture.

These type of bans set up another dangerous precedence, if you ban one book to appease certain section of society then what is going to stop some other community to ask ban some another book or attack another author for hurting their sentiments? If you agree to one unreasonable or stupid demand  to ban anything then automatically you give legitimacy to many other similar demands. If you offer reservation to one community then what is going to stop other communities from demanding similar privilege? This drama is going on from last so many years without any interruption. India is already facing so many problems because of appeasement politics but still people are refusing to learn from their past mistakes, rather they are very much adamant to commit same mistakes just because someone did it and got away with it. Every time it is expected from courts to bring some sense in such matters and unfortunately they are also not very consistent on these type of sensitive issues. But I have to agree that they are doing much better job than all political parties who are only interested in making things more complicated rather than solving it.

Divide and rule politics is not new, Britishers used it to create rift between Hindus and Muslims as well as between different castes of Hindus for their own benefit. All these bans are part of same legacy and mindset, the intention is to appease certain section by doling out certain unreasonable favors which in turn creates polarization of opinions and believe me all political parties love this polarized atmosphere. There is no exception, literally all political parties are guilty of playing appeasement politics. Only common people, if at all they want can stop this nonsense, if they are OK with it then this stupid drama will continue endlessly. This is not at all about any book or meat or movie this is about liberty, freedom and appeasement. Religion is very personal matter and everyone is free to practice their own faith but no one has right to impose their own beliefs or lifestyle on others. This is a simple fact which everyone should understand and practice in any tolerant and progressive society. If they can't stop this nonsense then at least please stop claiming that you are a tolerant nation or society. There are Islamic countries in world where there is a ban on eating food in public place during the month of Ramadan, this is very regressive thing to impose but if people think this is wrong then please explain me on what basis this meat ban or beef ban can be justified? and please don't offer any 'is equal to' explanations.

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Friday, September 4, 2015

One more murder and another glaring silence, wake up India.

Indian writer, scholar and rationalist Mr. MM Kalburgi was murdered few days back outside his residence. He was under radar of some fanatic organizations for his views about religion specially about Hindiusm. Finally his life was taken away in same manure as they did for some other similar thinkers like Dr. Narendra Dabholkar and CPI leader Mr. Govind Panse. These three murders symbolize recent disturbing trend of intolerance prevailing in Indian society where people who dare to challenge status quo or whose thoughts are not in alignment with majority are attacked or eliminated by murders. As if these murders are not serious or disturbing enough there is some sort of glaring silence about these acts, looks like people expect these things to happen. Only certain section of society is questioning these acts, media and most people are busy in debating some celebrity kid murder or some other issues. No doubt that any murder should be condemned and covered by media but one can easily see the disproportionate coverage offered by media which shows which direction we are moving as a society.

Disagreeing with someone's ideas or thoughts, criticizing them or questioning them is perfectly fine and it is universally acceptable way of debate and discussion in any civilized society. But physically attacking them, threatening them to an extent that some of them resign from their profession or withdraw their articles and books is a sign of intolerant and barbaric society. Environment of fear and unwanted aggression is not conducive for intellectual growth of any society. There are many societies in this world who live in this type of environment and we all can see what is their situation today. India by large is perceived as very tolerant and inclusive society, very diverse nature of its population is proof of this. Whatever success it achieved as a country can be largely attributed to this tolerant nature where intellectuals were not scared to express their opinions and ideas. But occurrence of such incidents put a big question mark on this claim. The society which fails to protect its intellectuals will also fail to protect its intellect. Display of such unwanted aggression towards intellectuals is totally unwanted phenomena and I am amazed that respective governments didn't react strongly against any of these murders. Whole India was on roads after that infamous Delhi gang rape incident and people were right in protesting against such inhuman crime but these murders are also in same category. They are equally shameful, disturbing and inhumane acts. Protection and safety of intellectuals of society are as important as anyone else and it should be given prime importance, specially when such things start happening. If this aggression and attacks are in any way result of recent change of political situation in India then it should be a matter of big concern to the current ruling party of India (BJP). They should not hesitate to take all required actions to remove this atmosphere of fear and insecurity. I hope these incidents are not taken lightly, I know that these murders won't make any media headlines or won't find place on front page of national news papers but these things are as concerning as any other scam, rape, murder or natural disaster. Such incidents have capacity of decaying society's fabric slowly and if ignored they can result in serious damage to India in long term. 

I strongly register my protest against these attacks, I am deeply hurt and pained to see that some people are attacked and murdered just for expressing their thoughts. These murders are no different than recent killings of some bloggers in Bangladesh. I hope people from India (as well as Bangladesh) take serious note of these happenings and act to bring back that tolerant and fearless environment. I hope people learn to agree to disagree and carry on discussion rather than choosing path of violence. I offer my sincere tribute to these brave free thinkers who dared to express themselves even in very hostile environment, I salute to their braveness and courage with which they fought against all odds, I hope society for which they sacrificed their lives won't forget them and their thoughts.

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