Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cruel side of digital revolution...cyber bullying

Digital revolution brought many changes in people's lives, from last two decades or so digital technology has changes how people interact with each other, it has revolutionized the way many things in our society work. At the same time it has also created a parallel universe like our real universe, it is called "cyber world" where many good and bad things happen like they happen in our real world. Cyber bullying is one such ugly phenomena which is spreading rapidly in this virtual world. Because of immense popularity of social networking sites and ease of availability of this technology and gadgets many people spend lot of time in this virtual world. They make many friends in this world and interact with many known and unknown people which is not possible in real world. Bullying is common incident even in real world and in cyber world it is even becoming more common. People get bullied for so many things there, they get bullied for their appearance or expressing their thoughts or sometimes bulling is in the form of sharing some derogatory material about them, so the point is there are many forms of bulling which happen and they all have detrimental effect of various degrees on people who are victim of it. The major difference between bulling in cyber and real world is that in cyber world it spreads very rapidly. It really takes few minutes or hours to become some video or photo or post viral. People not at all related with that person or issue can comment and harass that person without revealing their identity. These cyber bullies are more aggressive and brutal as many of them think they can not be caught so they can say anything to anyone on internet. It is also very difficult to design any effective laws to curb this behavior which makes it very complex and difficult problem to handle.

I consider cyber bulling comparatively more dangerous because often it happens in virtual world where environment doesn't offer any protection to victim. The victim suffers in isolation, there are no bystanders which can intervene. Many times by the time people close to victim know that something like this is going on its too late, it is very difficult to detect this problem. People who go through his hesitate to tell about this for same reasons which people who get bullied in real life don't like to talk about it. But in real life there is possibility that some bystander might inform to authorities or even intervene to stop it or victim might try to relocate to some other place to avoid facing those bullies but in cyber world both things are not that easy. There it is really easy for bullies to chase the victim and intimidate them. This is why we need to educate our kids about cyber bulling and teach them ways to deal with it. If we don't counter this evil then it will spread very rapidly. Any form of bullying should not be tolerated and if we all stand together against it then only we can put any brakes to these type of incidents. I hope no more precious lives are lost because of bullying, we already have enough pressure and problems in real life and we should not make it more difficult by allowing cyber bullying to continue. 

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