Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wow blog is now three years old...

Wow, I can't believe that it is already three years since I started this amazing journey of sharing my thoughts with all of you around the world. In the beginning I didn't know what will be the path and how will I manage this as I had no prior experience of writing. But there is no doubt this journey is very rewarding and fulfilling experience for me. During this journey encouragement and feedback from my readers helped me a lot to grow as a person. I wrote on many social, political and even personal issues. I tired to cover almost each and every subject which bothered me or which I found relevant of any discussion. Few old posts still keep on getting more comments and discussion is still going on some of those topics, specially topics related with Chanakya's controversial views about women and issue of taboo associated with menstruation generate lot of attention. I am glad that more and more people are becoming interested in these important topics and they are feeling confident in sharing their opinion about these issues. Most of the issues which we debate or discuss on this blog are quite complicated, many of them are very old and are persistent in our societies for ages. We all know that there is no easy and quick solution for these things. But that doesn't mean at all that we shouldn't try, it is not a task of any one individual or a group to solve these problems or create awareness about these things, we all need to do this work collectively then only we can expect to see any change or see any success. Expressing our opinion or raising our objections whenever we see some unjustified bias or any injustice is very important job of any responsible citizen of this world. Technological revolution of 21st century has provided us with many easily available platforms to raise our voice and share our opinions, we all need to make good use of this opportunity to tackle major social, personal or political issues.

This year may be the frequency of posts might reduce a little bit, because of many other important things which need my personal attention I have decided to reduce number of posts little bit. I know that blog anniversary is not that of a big deal, it is like any other day and I agree with this. I am not a person who believes in celebrating birthdays or anniversaries. Throwing lavish parties to celebrate anything is not my way of expressing happiness but this journey is very unique and rewarding for me and that is why I want to acknowledge the support of all my readers on this occasion. I am sure that we all will continue to work towards solving may of these social problems to best of our capacity. I am extremely thankful to all your comments, whether positive or negative all comments encouraged me to continue my blogging journey and I thank you all for that from the bottom of my heart. Please keep on sharing your opinion whenever you get time, remember that speaking up and raising questions is very important, we all should not forget this. Happy reading and keep asking questions.

 Thanks for reading and please share your views on this topic.

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  1. Bless you. Continue and pursue to share your personal expression. Wish you the best and also happy holi to you and your family.