Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hashimpura Massacre case- Justice delayed as well as denied.

I read about this gruesome incident very recently when the court verdict on this case was delivered that too after long agonizing 27 years of wait. Hashimpura massacre happened on 22nd May 1987, when 42 Muslims were brutally massacred by police during communal riots. It was Congress party government in power back then, that government and all the subsequent governments did nothing to pursue this case seriously so that all culprits are punished. Rather they tried each and every method to protect the culprits and the ultimate result of all this was that court acquitted all sixteen Uttar Pradesh police officers who were accused in this case. So even after long agonizing and painful wait for justice relatives of victims and survivors received a tight slap on their face by our judiciary, investigating agencies and all political parties who claim day and night to care about them. It seems no one killed those 42 people, that massacre never happened. If this is not sad and pathetic state of affairs then I wonder what it is? And please make no mistake of assuming that there is some particular political party which is to blame for this shameful episode, all of them are equally involved in sabotaging this investigation and protecting the culprits.

The scariest part of any riot (communal or otherwise) is when police personally get involved in them and start taking sides. Police are supposed to be impartial and perform their duties of protecting citizens of their state. It is always dangerous for any state when their police force or investigating agencies become communal or racial. When they start taking sides then depending on which side they choose other side is bound to face some dire consequences and this is what we see in this case. Police turned their guns on those innocent people whom they were supposed to protect. This is not the only case which failed to deliver justice to victims, there are quite few cases like this some of them were not even reached to court, they were not even reported in media. This is such a horrible record of human rights violation and I hope that at least now all state governments in India take serious steps to improve this record. When political parties (in power as well as in opposition) and investigating agencies form illegitimate alliance then no court can punish culprits as it won't have enough evidence to punish the culprits. In this particular case no political party whether in power or in opposition bothered to pursue this matter aggressively. Many people (including me) were not even aware that any such massacre happened, it was ignored to that extent.

There is no point in paying blame game here, it is a useless exercise, it only benefits political parties. They just love to play the blame game, it even happened in 1984 riots case, 2002 Godhra riots case which were covered widely by national and international media. Most culprits, specially state employees (policeman and politicians) accused in most of these cases are walking scot free after spending few months or years in jail. This is terribly sad and shameful but this is the bitter reality. Even after so many people get killed for no fault of theirs no one gets punished for these heinous acts. Where is the justice and where is the law? I don't think there will be huge public outrage like it was in case of Jessica Lal murder case, such massacres fail to generate widespread public sympathy as people react based on who got killed by whom. They chose their sides based on their own religion and that really makes me feel sick, there are many who justify such killings directly or indirectly just because people who got killed didn't belong to their own religion. I hope some day we all learn to respect every human life irrespective of their age, gender, race or religion. Until that day I think I have to bear pain and frustrations of reading about such incidents and failure of our entire political class to do something to control such incidents. I hope families of victims and all survives of this and all other massacres where there was failure to deliver justice in timely manure get some type of closure so that they can forget these horrific incidents and move on with their lives.

Thanks for reading and please share your views on this topic.

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