Friday, February 6, 2015

If it's not your cup of tea, then don't drink it.

This tweet by Indian film maker Karan Johar grabbed my attention, he tweeted this in response to all tweets which criticized his participation in controversial episode of AIB knockout roast. While I enjoy watching some stand up comedy shows I am not very big fan of them. I think that they tend to focus more on negative aspects of life and use insult and vulgarity as a major elements to create comedy. But these shows and such type of comedy is very popular and I recognize why it is so popular. These comedians also push the limit to a extent that it sounds sometimes offensive or derogatory but that's how it is. These shows are not part of any TV channels which are meant for family audience and they give proper disclaimer before the show for people who don't know what are they getting into. This particular AIB roast also comes with proper disclaimer about its adult contents so all people who are not comfortable with such things should not watch it, it is as simple as that. 

Everybody claims to have a sense of humor as it is a cool thing to have but very few actually posses it. It is easy to laugh at others, pass comments about others but it is very difficult to laugh at yourself, very few people have capability and courage to do that. Comedy forms like satire and most of stand up comedy shows are not for people who don't know how to laugh at themselves. In India this form is relatively recent, it is not that we didn't have comedy shows but their format was different and focus was always on so called 'clean' comedy so I am sure many will find difficult to adjust to this new phenomena in comedy. I was stumped when I saw first such show on YouTube when I came to US, I was surprised to see that how come people can tolerate and laugh on such racist, sexist and insulting comments? But then I realized that this form of comedy is not everybody's cup of tea, I can't watch some of these shows as I don't enjoy the contents of it but that doesn't mean than I can tweet some nasty, utterly derogatory tweet about its participants like one of the current censor board member did. The tweet that guy posted was so derogatory that I don't want to mention it on the blog, but at the same time that particular person has right to express his opinion because of freedom of expression in the same manure as AIB have that same right. But I wonder how come a person with such a biased view about particular form of art can be on a body which is supposed to judge what people of this country should and shouldn't watch? Isn't this particular behavior questions his ability to judge artistic creations with unbiased mind?

I managed to watch this show when it was there on YouTube, it is funny, I enjoyed most of it and yes, it is really vulgar and filthy at times but the show puts this warning right in the beginning so you know what to expect. I have no complains about the contents of this show, if I didn't like something from it that's my problem. I can't demand an apology from participants for using abusive language towards each other, that will be stupidest thing to do. There are many things which we see around or watch on TV or in movies or any other place doesn't suit our taste, we are free to reject them and even to register our protest in strongest possible words. But to question person's wight to express their thoughts or question consenting adults commenting about each other is a sign of regressive mindset. I hope this controversy is settled soon, this was totally unnecessary stuff, India has much bigger issues to deal with than worrying about the contents of some comedy roast. I even found some parts of very popular comedy show from one of India's TV channel 'Comedy nights with Kapil' as very sexiest and insulting to women, so I stopped watching it and if I watch it I do it at my own risk. I hope adults learn to behave like adults and stop wasting time on such petty issues. Like Karan Johar tweeted, if it's not your cup of tea, then don't drink it. If at all you drink it even by mistake then don't cry foul or abuse the makers just laugh at your own stupidity and move on and be careful next time.

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