Saturday, February 21, 2015

Am I important?

At some point of our life we all (or let's say most of us) get frustrated, feel dejected or depressed and ask this question to our self, am I important to anyone? This question is then followed by many other related questions like, what is the purpose of my life? Why am I here? Why I am doing this? What's the purpose of doing all this hard work? Does anyone care about what I think or what I do? Is this all going to change anything? Questions like these are many but there is no single or easy answer to all these questions. Depending on the situation or phase of life one might think about any one of these questions more than others but they all are somewhat related to each other. Once these questions dominate our mind, we start doubting our self, we question our abilities, we sometimes feel helplessness, we wonder why people don't understand our views or why they hate or dislike us or why they attack us unnecessarily, why? Some people also feel dejected or depressed under such situations. Actually all these questions are result of some not so favorable incidents happening around us. When our actions or best efforts don't produce desired results we doubt our capabilities. When we face unwarranted personal criticism just for expressing our opinion we doubt whether it is worth to express them in front of such a hostile audience. Sometimes too much personal attack (either in real world or cyber world) make people wonder about their worth. Such situations are not easy to handle for everyone, some people face so much trauma and agony that they take the extreme step like committing a suicide because of such depressing feelings. So for many of us these things might be a part and parcel of daily life but for some things get really serious and complicated, that is why it is necessary to address these questions and issues seriously.

There is nothing wrong in these type of questions itself but none of this should result in chronic depression or permanent self doubt. Many of us face this problem of self worth some time in our life. Whatever work we do, no matter how small or big it has some relevance and meaning. We all contribute towards our society in some way, big or small each and every contribution is meaningful and important. When we realize and understand that everyone one of us is equally important then we learn to respect each other as a person and also learn to respect each other's views. None of us have answers to all the questions, therefore we all are here to learn from each other and we should understand and acknowledge this fact. Intolerance towards each other is one of the major concerns today. This intolerance when crosses the limit in society takes form of communal riots, wars, genocides or some other forms of violence. At the same time we need to have personal tolerance level for all our positive and negative feelings. We should be able to handle success and failures with balanced mind. Our mind can be our best friend or worst enemy. It is not always possible to control or avoid negative feelings altogether, they are bound to come in some form and we need to deal with them. Once we believe that we are important citizens of this world and each of our actions can contribute towards building future of this society then we automatically recognize and realize our worth. We should no need anyone's validation to prove that worth, our own belief in our self is enough.

According to me the correct answer to the question which title of this blog poses is; yes, I am important and I am significant and so is everyone else. We all are important so none of us should underestimate our powers and significance of our role in this world. Sometimes we see the results of our efforts immediately and sometimes it takes time to see them. There are examples of many great people from history where their efforts showed desired results much later after their death but this didn't stop them from giving their best shot towards their goal. Things like self respect, ability to honor others, listen to others views, tolerance, etc. automatically come to us once we realize that we all are equally important. The question 'am I important' doesn't intend to display the feeling that others are not important, rather this question arises in mind when we somehow start feeling that we are somewhat less important than others. So, it may not be easy to avoid this question coming to our mind but it is easy not to get affected in negative way by such thoughts. This blog is just a small effort to provide simple answer to this complicated question.

Thanks for reading and please share your views on this topic.

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