Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Rohtak brave hearts and issue of eve teasing.

Video of two brave sisters thrashing eve teasers in Rohtak city bus has gone viral in Indian news media and social web sites. Everyone needs to stand up for their own rights, against any injustice, torture or harassment. These girls did right thing if these boys were continuously harassing them and were not willing to listen even after repeated warnings or requests. When I heard their interview on NDTV then it was disturbing to know that in a city bus full of men and women no one dared to help these girls when few boys were trying to molest them. This by stander approach is really worrisome, and we see this attitude almost everywhere where people silently witness wrong things happening in front of their eyes. They choose to ignore them or choose to keep silent because they think it is not their business or just because they are not victims so why should they react. It was also disturbing when during the interview one of the sister advised all girls that if they face similar situation then they should beat the guy who dares to tease them as much they want or until they are satisfied before taking him to police. I think this advise is not proper and I am sure no one would appreciate (or rather everyone will criticize) if the same advise would have been offered by some boy (that is beat the girl who dares to tease you as much as you want before taking her to police). There should be proper investigation of this incident before jumping to conclusion by knowing only one side of the story.

The real issue here is of eve teasing and harassment of boys and girls at public places. Problem of eve teasing or taunting in public places is very common in India as well as many other countries (I even see it in US also). This is very serious issue and needs attention from all concerned parties involved in this (people as well as law enforcement agencies). It is also true that females face this problem more often than males.Confronting the wrong doers like eve teasers or molesters is a right thing to do. Every boy or girl has right to stand up for their rights and fight for their safety. Under extreme situations where nothing else works use of force should be exercised as a option and it is justified. There is no doubt that wrong doers should be confronted so that they don't think that they can get away with their behavior easily. But to thrash them every time is not a solution to stop these things from happening. I think this girl might have said this because she was very angry because of this episode, but whenever media telecasts something like this they should also tell that use of violence as a solution to every problem is not right thing to do. This interview should not send the wrong message to youths of India that they can take the law in their own hands and punish people if they think that something wrong is happening. Every effort should be made to handle the situation by peaceful means or by informing the concerned authorities so that they can take proper action. This is why we have rules and laws. If people take their own decisions and try to punish wrong doers on the spot then why we need to have any law or justice system?  We can just let people to punish wrong doers in whatever way they feel appropriate, but we all know that this is not a practical and logical approach to handle any crime. Just imagine scenes on roads or public transport vehicles if we allow such things.

Violence might look like a viable solution to solve any issue temporarily but hardly it works to find a long term solution. Right to use force should be exercised whenever situation demands it, but if possible it should be considered as last option. One can be assertive or aggressive and forceful without use of any physical force. If many boys and girls take inspiration from this incident and stand up or speak up whenever they see any such misbehavior in public place then it is a good thing. But if they start indulging in physical fights to solve each and every issue like this then one can only imagine the mess which we might have to deal with. So let's ignore this particular sentence from the interview and focus of courage to fight misbehavior and stand up against any injustice. Hopefully this incident will inspire people in right way. We all need to do that, and once we all start raising our voice against such things then automatically it will send a strong message to these molesters or wrongdoers.

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1. Rohtak sisters thrash men who harassed them on moving bus

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  1. Yes I agree time has come that girls will have to take actions on their own.