Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mr. Babulal Gaur, RAPE IS ALWAYS WRONG, no exceptions..

Madhya Pradesh (MP) minister Mr. Babulal Gaur said that rape is social crime and its sometimes right and sometimes wrong. Whereas it is not surprising to hear such stupid statements from politicians of any country, it is definitely surprising to see that how frequently such statements are made by some of these law makers. It's not that long ago when some politicians from Samajwadi party (who is ruling party in another Indian state Uttar Pradesh) made some derogatory remarks displaying their sheer ignorance about such issue and male chauvinistic attitude. One can not avoid feeling dismayed after hearing such statements that too from elected lawmakers, this clearly displays deep male chauvinistic attitude prevalent in our society.

These type of disgusting statements make us wonder whether we are really living in 21st century or not, are we moving forward or backward? These statements are largely criticized by educated class of society at least in social media which is somewhat comforting and a sign of encouragement. But in India no politician has ever lost his ministership or resigned accepting their mistake after making such remark. They always try to offer some type of explanation to justify their statements and their respective governments or parties seem to be perfectly fine with those justifications. This clearly shows trivial attitude of India's political class towards such issues, they don't consider issue of sexual violence serious enough to sack some minister or at least to warn or reprimand them. Incidents of rape, sexual violence happen all over India, it is not a problem of some particular state as some people might think. This problem is heavily rooted in male dominant nature of society and patriarchal culture where women are largely viewed as objects not as a person. Women are treated with respect and dignity as long as they behave like woman, and this definition of 'behave like woman' changes from region to region. They are supposed to remain withing their limits.Time they cross that so called limit they are targeted, victimized and abused in whatever way these bigotes can do, rape and murder are result of that. To stop or at least to minimize such crimes from happening frequently any such statements should be condemned with strongest possible words and perpetrators should be dealt with sternness. Any sympathetic statements especially from people who are in government or hold some political position sends very wrong message. It derails all efforts of by many organizations and individuals to create awareness about such crimes. As such it is not easy to curb these type of crimes in any patriarchal or heavily male dominated society where women are considered as second class citizens, that is why such statements are more serious, they make struggle of victims and their families more difficult. This is the reason I don't take any such statement lightly, these are not harmless or ignorable statements but are very serious and detrimental statements. They are like verbal rapes and should be condemned no matter who does it. Collective silence of entire political class or their selective reactions are very worrisome. Most political parties are trying to seek some political gains even from such incidents, they only criticize when it happens in state not ruled by them, this is so disgusting and sickening.

People like Mr. Babulal Gaur need to be reminded that rape is wrong, there are no exceptions. Rape is a sexual violence, it is an attempt not only to injure person physically but also psychologically. Age, clothing, gender, desire to have sex, etc. play very limited or no part in it, rape is always wrong, period. Any logical person with rational mind won't try to justify any rape, so any such attempt should be challenged and defeated. All people like Mr. Gaur and others need to learn and memorize this lesson, they need to be reminded about this again and again so that they don't forget. This is important and we all need to play our part in it, if we don't fight this battle who else will? Definitely politicians like Mr. Gaur won't fight it for us. So let's send this message loud and clear, rape is always wrong, no exceptions, it's a heinous crime and now get this straight Mr. Gaur (and everyone who is supporting his statement).

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