Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Culture of hooliganism...

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read news that situation in my hometown Pune is critical because of some objectionable material about Shivaji Maharaj was circulated in social media. I was not surprised by circulation of such material but was totally surprised by extreme reaction to this in Pune by some party members belonging to Shiv Sena, etc. I would not have surprised by such incidents happening elsewhere in Maharashtra or India, but I was really surprised that this happened in a city like Pune which remained calm even during Babri mosque demolition or many other sensitive incidents. I guess finally spread of social media caught up with Pune, now rumors or any anti-social messages travel very fast to generate acute and sharp response from people. People use social media for so many reasons, some people use to spread good messages, discuss valid and relevant issues; at the same time some people use to circulate some junk material like morphed photos of people they do this with very specific purpose. Their only intention by circulating anything like this is to create social disturbance and these parties and their members who protest in violent way exactly behave as per their expectations. Actually these party members who think that they are protecting honor and name of these people whose photos are being circulated are actually playing in the hands of those antisocial elements. These people help each other to serve their purposes, first some anti-social elements release something which is derogatory in nature and then some people act exactly according to the script to make a big deal out of it and create a havoc. Instead of condemning the actions or opposing it rationally they take it to the streets, destroy pubic property, disrupt public life. What they achieve by doing all this? According to me nothing, they just waste public money and time. But these people fail to understand this simple thing and keep on doing same mistakes again and again. This has become so regular pattern for some political parties, so regular that it has become their USP, they don't miss any single opportunity to exploit any such incident. In all this nonsense most of the time real culprits who circulate such material or do these type of things and real perpetrators of violent protests hardly get any punishment but common people suffer as they can not go on with their normal day to day life.

This culture of hooliganism is not good for any society, specially for a country or society which is aspiring to become a superpower or a developed nation. Freedom of expression is very important thing for any developed society. I agree that freedom of expression also comes with some responsibility but it also comes with right to offend, and if people are getting offended by such small things then that displays low tolerance level of that society which is not very good sign. After getting offended if they react in violent way then that is even worst. Actually feeling offended or angry about something is not that bad but that feeling should be used to constructively oppose the things which bothers us, it should not result in any violence. Silencing the messenger is not the proper way to fight the message, we have to tackle the message if we don't like it not the messenger.

I don't understand how disturbing public life by violent acts or destroying public property serves any purpose. How does it help in nursing hurt feelings? How hatred can be answer to hatred, won't it spread more hatred? Won't such violent reactions serve the purpose of people who intend to create social disturbance by spreading rumors or objectionable material?  Why to help them? I think now it is time for everyone to think how to tackle these type of situations in peaceful manure. For every objectionable material release 100s of messages which portrays positive things about that person, rather than getting offended spread message about good work of that person and try to highlight positive things. This will automatically negate the efforts of people who are trying to spread negative message. If those antisocial elements see that their tactics to create social disturbance are not working they will automatically stop. By reacting to such incidents in violent way people are making these posts or materials more popular. These incidents help to get publicize such acts and encourage these antisocial elements to use them regularly, after all all they have to do it to release something which is considered as offensive. We need to realize that no one can insult or hurt our feeling until we allow them to do so. No post, photo or anything has capacity to insult person like Shivaji Maharaj, people like him are inspiration for many by trying to insult such people some people show their own level of understanding it doesn't reflect anything about these towering personalities. Everyone has right to study, analyze and even criticize anything, criticism is not a insult and should not hurt or offend anyone. I think as a person or as a society we should be mature enough to handle criticism in peaceful way. Once we learn these simple things then I feel we will stop getting offended by some stupid acts of some people and such violent incidents (or reactions) will slowly stop. It will be great achievement to get rid of this culture of hooliganism, and I believe it will be a good riddance, we definitely don't need this culture of hooliganism.

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