Sunday, May 18, 2014

We have now new set of employees in office now to work for us....

Results of 2014 general elections in India are out, people have given clear cut mandate in favor of BJP, in many years first time any single party has got clear cut majority in parliament. This is a very good sign, one can agree or disagree with BJP's core policies or can question their communal history, those things are open for debate and should be debated but now they have clear mandate to fulfill whatever they promised in their manifesto. People of India have decided to give them a chance to implement their manifesto. Recently AAP has shown in Delhi that if there is political will and strong desire to implement the manifesto it can be done, even though it was for really short time but they displayed a proof of concept. Now this government have no excuse to offer for lack of performance. If they even try to blame previous government it will be considered as an attempt to offer lame excuse to cover their inability to perform. We all have seen how people reacted even to smallest possible mistake which happened from minority AAP government in Delhi, it was not the only government which came into power during that time. There were at least 3 more state governments which were elected during same time, but they were not subjected to same scrutiny and acid test. AAP created lot of hope and promised clean and transparent government, they promised that they won't stick to to power just for the sake of having power if they can't deliver their promises. People can have different opinions about their really short tenure at office in Delhi but they showed that any government who has will can perform that too without majority in house. 

Now we have new set of employees in office, let's see how they perform for us. These all elected members of any public house or public service are employees of all legal citizens of India. Their salaries, perks and all benefits are paid from all the tax money we pay to government. So in every election we select (elect) them to work for us for some specified period of time, they are supposed to fulfill all the promises which they made to us during their selection process (elections). For many decades these employees behaved as if they are owners of this enterprise (our country) and we all citizens are their workers, and we voters (who are real owners of this enterprise) allowed them to live them with this belief, we allowed them to get away with this arrogance. These people cheated us again and again, misused our trust and made false promises on many occasions, offered lame excuses whenever we asked for any explanations, this whole drama was going on for many decades. Most of political parties (including current one which is coming back in power after 10 years of gap) are guilty of this crime. But I think now hopefully people are tired of this game, people showed some of that attitude in asking questions to AAP's government in Delhi, I hope not they will show similar attitude towards each and every state and national government in India. We had enough of blame game, BJP blaming Congress and Congress blaming BLP and in reality none of them doing anything to fulfill their promises. This needs to stop, we need accountable and transparent government in every state and at center. BJP with its clear mandate and majority of its own now have that chance, they also claim to have leader with proven track record and ability to take tough decisions, so they should not have any difficulty in doing all the good work for all sections of society. These all claims and promises which they made will be now put on real test. It is easy to talk, easy to make tall claims and populist promises, but it's not easy to fulfill them all, their time and real test starts from the day their party assumes power.

They promised to bring back black money in specified time (like AAP promised Lokpal), they promised to punish criminal politicians, they promised to bring uniform civil code, squash article 370, etc. one can read BJP's manifesto or hear speeches of BJP's prominent leaders to know what all they promised. Some promises (like article 370 and uniform civil code) they are making for decades and offered excuse of lack of clear majority for not fulfilling them, now they don;t have that excuse. They now have to deliver these things, they can not hide behind shield of coalition politics or coalition dharma, because now they have absolute majority. AAP delivered in Delhi so much without having any majority and with very hostile opposition in assembly. This government doesn't even have any strong opposition in parliament, actually this can be very dangerous situation for any democracy, very strong opposition in very important part of any democracy but this can be big plus for this government if they really want to do something good for this country. That is why I said in one way this is good that they have absolute majority, there will be no place to hide for them even if they fail on any single major promise.

I am looking forward towards their work, I will evaluate their performance after some suitable time. One should give them some time and then ask our questions, hopefully their CV was genuine and their answers to our questions were honest, many of us have selected them based on those answers. So don't stop questioning them, don't forget any past issues, debate and discuss them as strongly as we did in past. All parties who did not perform well in this elections, their supporters should not lose all hope, don't get disheartened just because your party has lost the election or didn't win any seat, it is not the end of the road, don't lose any hope, don't get frustrated, win or loss is part of any election or game, get back to the basics, work hard to strengthen your organization and keep your eyes and ears open to listen to people's problem and issues. Building better and stronger India for everyone is important who is doing it is not that important, so let's work to build a strong, free, liberal and vibrant society and country for everyone. Let's built India which we all dream for, a country which is not only great in slogans but in reality also. 

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