Saturday, February 15, 2014

How dare you Arvind to do this??

Delhi's chief minister for last two months (49 days to be specific) Mr. Arvind Kejriwal finally resigned, actually he said before that if he can not pass the Jan Lokpal bill in Delhi assembly he will resign, this is the similar bill for which few of them back then started India against corruption (IAC) movement and later formed the party (AAP) and fought the election in Delhi. Actually this was the first promise in their manifesto, the basic foundation on which their party was formed, they said initially that they will pass withing the first month if their government comes into power in Delhi but it got delayed for some reason. Now some people and two major parties of India (BJP and Congress) are calling AK as a traitor, a coward who ran away from the responsibility, actually one of them (BJP) called him opportunistic and power hungry when he accepted the unconditional support offered by the Congress to form the government and now they are blaming him for creating crises in Delhi by resigning from CM post, but it is not uncommon for these parties to criticize no matter what their opponent does, so it's not a surprise, this tamasha (drama) is going on in India for last 65 years or so and everybody is enjoying it sitting in their living rooms.

I think AK should be arrested and tried in court for crimes he committed during last few months,  it will at least prevent something like this happening again in near future. How he dared to challenge such robust establishment? How he dared to challenge the norms and rules set by central government? How he dared to protest in Delhi when he was chief minister of that state? Do chief ministers even behave like this? How he dared to challenge the power of central govt., Delhi police and Lt. Governor of Delhi at the same time? How he dared to name most powerful business man of India and a cabinet minister both in one FIR? these are the few serious mistakes he did during last few months (including his tenure as Delhi's CM). Wasn't he scared? Wasn't he worried about his CM post? What was he even thinking when he challenged this mighty political establishment who is running this country for last 65 years or so? How he dared to think that a common person like him can form a political party and challenge our grand old political parties who all know how to govern India inside out, politics and governance flows in their blood, they all know how to win the elections and govern this great country and this maniac thought he can govern better than them? Anarchist, what else one can call him?

Didn't he know that many people are not yet ready for complete freedom (he calls it Swaraj), they are against power decentralization, they want some messiah or dynast to rule them not some common person, because all these people coming from establishment know how to rule, how to govern, these all want some hero to whom they can worship, adore and believe him/her blindly without questioning any of their actions, what can a common man like him do? Clearly he was complete misfit in our patriarchal system and therefore he needed to go, it was just matter of time. Here I am not talking here about AK as a person but AK as a philosophy or thought, as a person he is not that important, he has all other drawbacks or strengths which we all have, but this thought needs to be crushed so that there can not be another AK, if common people realize that anyone of them can become AK then it will be dangerous for current establishment, one AK is so difficult to deal with then imagine if everyone becomes like him. No, this should not happen at any cost, if this happens it will be like death sentence for current system, that's why AK's actions should be treated like blasphemy or treason, they should put him under trial like Socrates but this time they will not try to kill the person but his thoughts, after all everyone learns from their mistakes, few days back they did this mistake with Dr. Narendra Dabholkar and now I don;t think anyone will take that risk with AK, because they could kill Socrates but not his thoughts, they could kill Dr. Dabholkar but not his movement, once this anti corruption movement is on its own path, AK's presence is necessary but it's not mandatory. Actually I am little surprised to see that he dared to stand by his promise (to resign if Lokpal is not passed), very few political leaders in India showed courage to renounce power like this, his government was short lived but it tried its best as long as it existed, no doubt they did some mistakes but I am sure every one from our grand establishment  and their supporters have only one question in their mind, how Arvind dares to resign from CM's post like this? How he dared first to accept the power and then renounce it so easily? How he dared to cross his limits as a common citizen of India? How he dared to dream so big? I am still wondering, please let me know if anyone knows the answer.

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  1. AapTards ka koyi jawab nahi. I know of a kahawat--Pyaar chahe gadhi se ho jaaye, thoh phir pari bhi kya cheez hai! wah re author sab, Vinayji Aap ka kya taareef karen!

    1. बिलकुल सही कहा आपने, लेकिन जरा एक बार आईना देख कर कन्फर्म कर ले कि कही आप अपने बारे में तो राय नहीं दे रहे है…आप के साथ परी है, गधी है या कोई और जानवर इसकी चिंता आप करे दूसरों के निजी मामले में दखल देना शराफत नहि just chill and talk to the point, these type of comments are useless and dont add anything to the topic of discussion. Thanks