Friday, June 7, 2013

Camping...chance to connect with nature

Like last few years (3 years to be precise) we went for camping this year as well. It all started 3 years back when my very enthusiastic friend Vishnu threw this idea about going for camping to me, normally I am not very enthusiastic about visiting any exotic place (and there are many such places in every country, specially in US) but this idea of leaving your comfortable home for no particular reason appealed to me and we started this adventure. People who know me very well know how enthusiastic I am about traveling, I don't like to travel that much, I know it is exciting and many people just love to travel but some how I don't enjoy it as much as I enjoy many other activities (may be because of all the driving which I have to do). But even after all this I go for many trips but not just because of my interest in the places where I am go but most of the time because of people or group with whom I travel. I am particularly lucky to meet lot of amazing people in my life and they all make all these occasions special and unique for me so the rest doesn't matter much, the pleasure of traveling with amazing people takes care of other boring aspects of journey. But camping is the one thing which I enjoy just because there is a huge element of unpredictability in it, we always try go to the new campsite every year, so normally we don't know how it will be (you can get most of the information from internet but there are always surprises), we normally plan it 1-2 months in advance so whether prediction is not known (and people living in New England know what I am talking about), and during camping (with tents and sleeping bags) one can not isolate oneself from whether like one can do by staying in hotels or resorts or other places which can protect you from temperature fluctuations, rain, etc, so all these things make camping lot more interesting than other outings to me. My be this is not the best way to spend your long weekend for everyone (sometimes among rain or too cold or too hot and humid whether, surrounded by insects and some wild animals like bear) but it's definitely very unique and interesting way to spend time with your family and friends.

All these camping trips are unique experience for me in their own way, every time there are some new people in our group, most of them try this adventure for the first time in their life with us and most of them enjoy this and want to try again. Based on description I am providing I am sure that some people might think that this doesn't look like thing to do for every one or may be doesn't sound like lot of fun and I think that is true. Some times these things are physically very demanding and one starts thinking why to do it when other more comfortable options are available. Another thing which I like about these outings is I also get chance to spend time away from TV and internet during these trips, only our phone stays with me and that too for important calls, so there is lot of free time for discussion, games, arguments, walks, etc. These activities are great but now a days we struggle to find any free time to do them regularly in this era of internet and video games. I do enjoy internet and video games a lot and by staying away from these things for some time I  learn to appreciate importance of these inventions which have become integral part of our life today and it also reminds me to properly use them and there are many things which are equally wonderful.

Whatever I wrote in this post about camping are totally my personal thoughts, people may or may not agree with them, they might think camping is bad idea, somewhat a health risk (because of allergies, risk of physical injuries, etc.) and they are totally right but there is element of risk involved in almost everything we do and it's up to us to evaluate it and decide whether we want to go for it or not. There might be better ways to connect with nature and understand our surroundings than camping but this one suits me and may nature that's why I love it, I suggest people to give it a try at least once before rejecting it as a bad idea.  

Thanks for reading and please share your views.

our temporary home
beautiful view of lake early in the morning

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