Sunday, May 6, 2012

Amir Khan…actor with brain as well as guts

Today I saw the first episode of Amir Khan’s TV debut show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ (Truth alone triumphs)…and what can I say. I am speechless, salute to him for his effort that’s all I can do. Issue of women suppression was always close to my heart. I saw it happening around me since my childhood, it happened in my family, in my neighborhood, I could see it everywhere around me. It was expected that Amir’s show will be somewhat different than others, he himself promised that and I must say that he didn't disappoint, actually it was beyond my expectation. It's not only different, I think it's also unique. Many stars and great actors made their debut on Indian television before him, some were very successful and for some it didn't work that well, but all their shows were related with entertainment, relied heavily on their personality and charisma. I was curious where Amir will stand in this illustrious lineup but he did something entirely unexpected, he didn't stand in that line, he started his own line. Now we have to see how many of others have guts to stand behind him in this line.

First episode of Satyamev Jayate dealt with the subject of ‘female feticide’, the subject closely related with female suppression. Last few posts on my blog were related with women suppression and I tried to focus on few reasons behind so much bias or prejudice against females in our society and particularly in India (where I spent most of my life). It's sheer coincidence that first episode of Amir’s show dealt with the similar subject. According to me female feticide, the crime committed openly in Indian society today is a result of a social mindset which resulted because of centuries of male dominant environment.

I was shocked to know from the show that it was the government program which started female feticide in India. In 1970s couples were producing too many kids in a hope to have a male child. Government tried to implement family planning program but with very limited success. Desire to have so called heir for family (son) was too strong and people cared little about population growth and its effect. May be government authorities working in population control department thought reason behind birth of many girls/kids was couple's desire to have a son (as a heir to family). They thought of eliminating this byproduct (baby girl) for those couples who only desired to have one or two sons (and were willing to go on producing kids until they fulfill their desire) and hoped this would bring population growth under control. They gave them a option to abort unwanted child (girl child in these cases) to limit the number of kids and avoid population explosion. Many individuals and organizations opposed this practice. Government realized its mistake soon and stopped this practice of sex determination during pregnancy but by that time the damage was already done. Diagnosis of the problem itself was wrong so no wonder the treatment failed and apart from that it also resulted in horrible side effect which turned into major disease itself.  They opened doors for huge illegal market for this business. Their plan failed because they didn't try to understand the root cause of the problem, why do couples desire  only to have a ‘male child’? What is the reason behind it? Is the situation of females in society responsible for this desire? Was government doing enough to support them?

When I wrote in my post ‘Who is guilty?’ that I can understand why a women being female herself wants to abort female child, why they are so scared to bring female child into this world? Did I support their action by this statement? NO, not at all, but I want to point out the reason behind this act. We all know whatever they are doing is wrong, but then why are they doing it?  WHY? We might think that this problem is more among uneducated/poor class, but that's not true, actually in every section of society, rich and poor, educated and uneducated, urban and rural, this problem exists. What is that fear? From where it comes? Are all these mothers involved in this crime culprit or the victims? It’s very difficult question to answer. Many of these females who commit this heinous act are not offenders but I think they are victims themselves. From their childhood they have seen the horror of being female, discriminated because of their gender..this stays deep in their psyche…after marriage they are supposed to produce heir for family (boy)..pressure is huge, expectations are high and failure to fulfill this duty is not accepted very kindly..what is the result of all this??...they want to prove their worth, want to make people around them happy at any cost, be respected in their family and it all depends on what they deliver (male or female child). This creates that 'fear'. Sex of child they deliver is key for their own survival, this makes mother to kill her child to save herself from humiliation, torture which she might have to face after delivering a girl. Yes, it's shameful but many times she doesn't have a choice. If we can remove this 'fear' from her heart then we may not need any law to control this crime, it might stop automatically. 

Amir’s show did a excellent job not only in highlighting the problem but also in suggestion the possible solution. He didn't just show us the problem, we all knew it, he offered us the possible solution and promised to be a part of it. That’s what I like about him; he wants to be there with us when we fight this social evil. It’s not a fight against few individuals or some ruling class or some invaders. It’s fight with ourselves, our won people, our own family members, their beliefs, our own society which is conditioned to think in certain way and we have to break that mould without breaking the society.

This program left me not only with tears in my eyes but also with lot of hope and lot of courage. I knew that I am not alone who thinks like this but now I am sure, people are not only talking about this but they are willing to act. Together we can change, I want readers of this blog to think about it, watch that show if you haven't already, contribute your share, no contribution is small. One person cannot bring the change but he/she definitely can initiate it. I think Amir and his show intends to do that, hats off to him for doing this. He alone can't do it, we all have to be part of that effort. And please don't make this a fight or a war against few individuals, hate the sin not the sinner.

Thanks for reading and please share your views. 


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